Can you imagine it? Arriving home and being enveloped in a feeling of comfort. At VAPF, we think it’s key to not only imagine it, but also to make it come true. Because there truly is no place like home. That’s why, with winter right round the corner, we wanted to talk to you about the heated flooring that will change your life if you decide to go for one of our villas or apartments.

The location of our villas and flats in Costa Blanca is excellent due to all year round mild temperatures. However, winter is cold and home comfort is needed no matter where you are on the map. Therefore, our villas and apartments are fully equipped with a climate control system that will make your life on the Costa Blanca more comfortable.

What is heated flooring?

Within this complete system, we offer underfloor heating in our properties. Do you know how it works? Our villas and apartments in Costa Blanca have a network of hot water circuits installed under the floor. This network is connected to the Ecodan Hybrid system that we work with at VAPF and circulates heat through the floor so that it’s evenly distributed throughout the home for hours.

Benefits of heated flooring

What’s more, you can choose when you want your floor to radiate heat without even moving from where you are! On each floor of our homes, you will find a thermostat to control the switch and temperature of this innovative system.

Villa en la Costa Blanca con suelo radiante

Another benefit of underfloor heating is related to health. Radiating heat from the floor – no draughts in sight. This means that it does not lower the humidity of the room in the home and therefore does not contribute to dry mucous membranes or dry skin. In addition, having no draughts is in some ways positive for allergy sufferers. By not removing dust from surfaces, dust mites are less likely to be a health problem.

But the benefits of underfloor heating don’t stop with comfort or health. In addition to the aesthetics of this type of heating, it is also worth highlighting its high energy efficiency. The high inertia of the system means that the heat is stored in the floor and, therefore, is long-lasting and maintains the temperature, avoiding switching it on and off several times and thus achieving energy savings.

In addition, due to using hot water, the temperature they reach is much lower than that of traditional radiators, thus also reducing energy consumption.

Underfloor heating is just one more reason to choose Costa Blanca and to choose VAPF. Because our villas and apartments are at the forefront of comfort and design. Find out more on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through this form. We are waiting for you!