The start of every new year brings new decorating trends and at VAPF as we love interior design, we aim to keep up with them all so that we can work on the details of your home both indoors and out. In fact, did you know that we have a full programme for tailoring your villa to your own personal taste? With Custom Villas we place our team of architects at your disposal along with the assistance of an interior decorator who will help you design your villa to your own specifications with everything you have always dreamed of: a spacious, light and airy villa with a private terrace and outdoor areas so that you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and spectacular views of the sea from the plots of land in Cumbre del Sol. If you are thinking of taking the plunge and embracing a new exclusive way of life, don’t hesitate and contact us. In the meantime, we leave you with some of the latest trends in home decoration so that you can start to imagine the home of your dreams.


Less is more

Warm minimalism is a strong trend this season. The aim is clear: designing uncluttered yet cosy and welcoming rooms that provide calm and relaxation. How to achieve this? By combining all the best of Scandinavian and Japanese design and the most recent addition to the club, Mediterranean style! For this purpose, we create a blank canvas, featuring furniture made with clean straight lines combined with neutral and beige tones, and with natural materials such as wood and vegetable fibres providing special touches, with the addition of artisanal items. Another important trend to remember is for “raw” materials, pieces crafted with untreated wood, and light, plenty of light, which is also good for your plants.


tendencias decoracion 2023


Curvilinear décor


In line with a more relaxed and warm aesthetic style, interior decorating has reinstated the curve, one of the main features of feng shui, ruling out aggressive, sharp corners. It’s true that curves are easy on the eye, and they can bring an air of serenity to a room. However, how can you incorporate this new trend in your home? In the sitting room the most daring option is to choose a sofa with curved lines, although if you would rather keep this important piece of furniture more neutral, you can always introduce  touches elsewhere with mirrors, tables and chairs, or other decorative elements such as vases or rounded voluminous lamps.


decoracion 2023


A more natural aesthetic

This trend for natural material is reflected in the architecture of the houses, and this is why at VAPF we design our villas and apartments by reinventing the Mediterranean aesthetic to blend with the surroundings and the sea views that characterise our homes. This Mediterranean air is clearly represented in the simple lines, white façades,  and in some cases, use of natural materials such as stone and wood.


Trends in the world of ceramics

How have all these trends been reflected in ceramics?  Large formats, also known as XL in flooring make any room seem spacious, although this option also works on façades, kitchen work surfaces and in bathrooms. Another trend that never goes out of fashion is imitation wood porcelains which look great on your terrace and avoid the deterioration inherent in using wood in this humid zone where there is also considerable exposure to the sun, and moreover, you can always choose the same model for both indoors and outdoors so that they blend into one and the same space. Finally, another trend is the marble effect. In bathrooms you can use it to accentuate a wall or use the same design for both floor and walls to create a unified space, in kitchens it would look great as a work top or for front panels, or why not use it for both!


Now that you know everything about the latest trends in home décor, what else do you need? Oh yes! A new home in an exclusive area with views of the sea, get in touch with us to begin your new exclusive lifestyle. And remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our upcoming blog posts so that you can keep up with all our news.