One of the investment trends in 2023 is to invest in housing, if you have some savings and you are thinking of investing in housing, to resell later or to make it profitable by renting; in the ranking of the most sought-after homes, those in coastal areas are the most in demand.

In many cases, it is not possible to have 100% of the amount available, and for many investors it slows down the whole process of applying for financing. In today’s post we inform you of the documentation that banks request to carry out a feasibility study.

  1. Identity document: prove identity by means of a national identity card (DNI), passport or foreigner’s identity card (NIE)
  2. Proof of income, in this case the documentation requested is different if you are employed or self-employed. For employees: last 2 payslips, tax return (P60 in United Kingdom and Ireland, Tax Return in USA and Canada), and letter from employer (document indicating type of contract, seniority, annual salary and position of employee). For self-employed: self-employed tax return for the last 2 years (SA302 United Kingdom, P21 or Notice of Assessments in Ireland and Tax Return in USA and Canada).
  3. If you have another source of income, proof of this, credit report, bank statement for the last 6 months, and if your main residence is rented, you must provide the contract and if you have a mortgage, the latest mortgage statement.

In addition to the information regarding the property to be purchased and the amount we need to finance.

One of the advantages that customers who buy a property with VAPF have, whether it is for a primary residence or a second home, is that VAPF helps them to arrange the financing through the banks with which we collaborate, obtaining a rapid response, helping them to communicate in their own language, because for VAPF “Our Customers Come First“.

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