During this time of year, it’s great to review and take stock of everything that was achieved over the last 12 months. At VAPF, the results are in, and they’re very encouraging. The Christmas wishes we made a year ago have come true all thanks to you, our clients and neighbours, and also thanks to our great team, which we cannot leave out in this message.

The Christmas spirit can be felt throughout the streets and homes in Cumbre del Sol, and it’s stronger than ever! Many of you have decorated your gardens and terraces with Christmas baubles that show your unique personality in our residential complex.

Living in la Costa Blanca is synonymous with creating a community and a family, things that are essential at Christmas! Our villas and apartments highlight the exclusivity and the privacy of the environments where they’re found. But also, the connection that our clients make with their neighbours is something that they have always valued.

A different year

In a few days, we’ll be waving goodbye to a year that was still ravaged by Covid-19, which has affected all of us in different ways, and at VAPF, we didn’t want to leave anyone behind. We’ve continued to help people that are not as fortunate as us. This is help that our clients also join in on, and we want to give you a big THANK YOU.

Corporate Social Responsibility at VAPF

We also want to thank you for continuing to be a part of our family. Recommending us to your friends is a gesture that makes us very happy and gives meaning to our daily work.

In 2022 we’ll be by your side, creating unique projects, listening to you, constantly evolving, and contributing to the community so that it grows and becomes more active. This is so that the property you buy as our clients continues to increase in value and so that you feel at home in your new house.