The weather in Cumbre del Sol, a luxury residential resort on the Costa Blanca, is an enviable aspect of this location which makes it an idyllic place to call home. With year-round mild temperatures averaging 17.6°C, as well as around 320 days of sunshine a year, it might be time to put your umbrella away once and for all!

As well as making us feel happier, the typical Mediterranean weather in Cumbre del Sol can also improve our physical health: the many hours of sunshine enjoyed here throughout the year help our bodies to synthesise Vitamin D and, therefore, more easily absorb the phosphorus and calcium we consume in our diet. What more could we ask for?

Our luxury apartments and villas are designed to help you truly make the most of the weather in Cumbre del Sol, with ample outdoor space so that you can delight in the year-round pleasant climate and enjoy the warmth of the sun at any time of day. For example, the spectacular terraces at properties such as our Lirios Design villas provide you with the ideal place to relax in the company of friends and family as you contemplate the privileged views.

Furthermore, it’s not just life outdoors that benefits from the wonderful climate and weather in Cumbre del Sol: homes such as our Magnolias for Life contemporary villas feature stunning floor-to-ceiling windows to flood your living areas with natural light, maximise space, and bring the outdoors in. With views like these, simply look out to the horizon and you will feel your cares melt away.

Finally, thanks to the location of our houses, you can make the most of the wonderful weather in Cumbre del Sol to participate in the range of outdoor activities on offer in the area. How about awalk along the beach, a hike, or snorkelling?

Without doubt, the attractive weather in Cumbre del Sol, as well as the area’s proximity to nature and the most beautiful locations, make it a dream place to live. Don’t wait any longer: your new home on the Costa Blanca is ready for you!

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