At VAPF we always endeavour to ensure that the design and construction of our villa and apartment developments in Costa Blanca Norte maximise energy efficiency, and reduce as far as possible any environmental impact.  Many aspects need to be considered to ensure an efficient home such as insulation, windows, lighting and also water use. This can lead to a reduction in energy consumption between 70 % and 90% compared to a conventional home. Thanks to our work, many of our developments are certified with energy qualification A which is currently the highest category available.

However, before looking further at some of the things that make your home more efficient, what are the advantages?

  • Protecting the environment.
  • Reduction in consumption.
  • Financial savings.
  • Electricity independence.
  • Better air quality.
  • Comfort and convenience

Insulation: the basic pillar.

Insulation is a key factor in ensuring energy efficiency in a home. Good thermal insulation helps to maintain the constant temperature in a house.  It helps to keep the temperature at the required level inside the home, which means that it will use less heating energy in winter and air conditioning in summer.

The villas in our Cumbre del Sol development have a thermally insulated roof made of extruded polystyrene panels laid on an impermeable sheet of EPDM type rubber.  The flooring is also thermally insulated with certified panels on floor slabs, covered with a layer of self-levelling concrete prior to laying the floor covering.

The windows in our projects also play an important role in energy efficiency. They provide excellent thermal and acoustic efficiency, as well as reducing heat transfer between the inside and outside of the house.


We always recommend using LED lights which are more efficient and long lasting than conventional lighting. In addition, it is important to make the most of natural light, something that is not difficult in our homes as they all boast an outward looking architecture and open plan layout, and you will always enjoy direct or indirect light from outside.

Water and air conditioning

The use of water is also an important factor to consider. It’s possible to save water and energy by installing low consumption taps and showers, and toilets with double flush system which you can choose when you are selecting the personal fixtures and fittings of your villa.

The latest ECODAN Hybrid aerothermal system is available in the most recent VAPF villas and apartments. It is the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. This is based on just one external unit which will supply all your heating, air conditioning and hot water needs all year round, with the special feature of a heat recovery system that produces hot water simultaneous to use of the air conditioning.

At VAPF we are convinced that with the right approach it is possible to build more efficient and sustainable homes for future generations, and we will continue in our efforts to achieve this goal. We hope that you will be looking forward to our next blog post, but in the meantime you fan follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you don’t miss out on anything new in our upcoming projects.