If you’re sure you want to start a new life of luxury on the Costa Blanca, with VAPF you will be in the best of hands, due to our 50 years of experience and almost 8000 properties that have been built and sold. We already have many satisfied clients and it should come as no surprise since we strive to supply our buyers and homeowners with all the tools and services we possess to guarantee complete satisfaction when purchasing their new home. So that you could get to know their impressions firsthand, we decided to film a series of interviews in which various of our happy homeowners tell us all about their new life and their relationship with VAPF. Below you’ll find a summary of the most prominent points our clients made, and if you want to watch the complete interviews, don’t hesitate to click the following link.

First of all, as many of our clients are foreign (French, Belgian, Russian, Chinese…) and to offer more personalised attention to help you feel at home, we have a large team of agents who will assist and advice you in your native language at any time, assuring you find the home of your dreams. Moreover, an agent will accompany you during the entire process and will help you with everything you need: selecting materials, paperwork, possible problems or changes related to the property. For example, Paul and Beatrice Coirre describe a wonderful experience where their agent Christophe was kind enough to give the couple a boat tour along the coast so they could finish discovering all of its charms. Furthermore, this support doesn’t end with the purchase of your property; we offer an excellent after-sale service in which we continue to help you with whatever you might need. And we host a large variety of events so you can meet up and interact with the neighbours, which is why Alain and Martine Planard say, it’s impossible to get bored!

Many of our clients fall in love with the privileged surroundings and the avant-garde and meticulous design of our apartments and villas. After their purchase, they discover an extraordinary quality and luxury amenities, which is why they can’t help but compare their house to their friends’ houses, like in Igor and Anna’s case who affirm that, without a doubt, their house is the best.

Lastly, everyone agrees: come and discover the home of your dreams in an idyllic environment yourself. You can fill out our contact form and we’ll be delighted to inform you about all the advantages we offer when buying with us. We’ll be waiting for you!