In what year does social action begin in the VAPF Group?

Grupo VAPF has always been focused on actions for the improvement and care of the Environment, as well as health and the dissemination of culture in our communities.

However, it was in 2016 when, with the aim of evidencing, organising and increasing our degree of commitment to society and to our employees and customers, these activities were combined with the company’s strategy, through the creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department (CSR), directly under the General Financial Management of Grupo VAPF.

Why carry out this type of Social responsibility actions in the business environment?

At Grupo VAPF, we understand that we must actively contribute to improving the socioeconomic system of the communities in which we operate and we assume as goals of our activity the three basic pillars of sustainability, namely, the generation of economic well-being, environmental improvement and responsibility towards society.

What are the main areas of CSR in Grupo VAPF?

The VAPF Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme is based on 5 strategic areas: human resources and well-being at work, the environment, economic support for NGO’s and disadvantaged groups, patronage in education, culture and sport and collaboration with local and regional entities in initiatives that contribute to the development of society.

One of the areas we are most fond of this economic support for NGO’s and disadvantaged groups, collaborating every year with NGO’s such as UNICEF, UNHCR, Doctors without Borders, Save the Children, Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Caritas, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Red Cross and PataSOSpital, among others.

What alliances have been made by Grupo VAPF to carry out a responsible business management?

Since 2016, Grupo VAPF has been member of the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Global Compact Foundation, voluntarily adhering to and supporting the adoption of the 10 basics principles that both section promote, based on respect for and compliance with human rights, compliance with labour regulations, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.

In addition, we have recently reformulated our sustainability strategy to link it to the Sustainable Development Objectives, through actions that increase the positive impacts of our company and avoid the negative ones.

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