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Grupo VAPF in collaboration with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer in their BUILDING HOMES FOR FAMILIES IN NEED project.

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Grupo VAPF in collaboration with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer in their BUILDING HOMES FOR FAMILIES IN NEED project.

Financial support of NGO's and associations Tue 13 Apr 2021 16:46:11 CEST

Grupo VAPF, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, has initiated an economic collaboration with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer, by participating in their BUILDING HOMES FOR FAMILIES IN NEED project.
The housing project will build a housing complex of 37 homes in the village of Nagaruru, located in the Tadipatri area, in the B. K.  Samudram region, for people in disadvantaged communities, homes with basic hygiene and habitability standards, incorporating a space for a bathroom and toilet.
These properties will be registered in the woman’s name thus empowering their role in society.
The Fundación Vicente Ferrer (FVF), created in 1969 by Vicente Ferrer, is a development NGO engaged in the process of transforming one of the poorest and most deprived areas in India, in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the most vulnerable communities in risk of exclusion, including the Dalit, tribal groups and disadvantaged castes.
The Fundación Vicente Ferrer and its counterpart in India: the Rural Development Trust and the Women Development Trust (RDT/WDT) , through simultaneous work in different development sectors -education, health,  housing, women, the disabled and ecology – has improved the living conditions of these people, and what is more important, consolidated strong and self-reliant communities, housing  being  one of the first sectors to be developed.  Thus, up to 2016, 67,198 homes have been built, 2,743 of which have been adapted for disabled people.
For the beneficiary families, owning a solid home is, above all, an indispensable requirement to achieve social integration.
These houses offer effective shelter from the monsoon rains and the intensely hot pre-monsoon period months of June to October, as well as protection against the bites of dangerous creatures such as snakes and scorpions.
Moreover, having toilets is highly positive for the safety of women and girls, who no longer have to leave their homes to relieve themselves, thus becoming exposed to insecurity and danger.

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