Would you like to live in a home which makes your life easier, safer, and more comfortable?

The houses made by VAPF Group offer the advantages of home automation, integrating technology into the houses’ intelligent design. An automated system means that daily tasks are made much simpler, letting you enjoy your luxury home on the Costa Blanca while saving both energy and money.

VAPF Group’s luxury houses include the integration of an intelligent home automation system based on the international KNX standard, with first-class products, brands, and manufacturers. This home automation focuses on four different areas: comfort, energy saving, technical and personal safety, and communication.

The home automation in VAPF houses is very easy to use. It can be controlled using mobile phone applications on smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android) and managed both inside and outside the house to offer maximum control at all times. The services are managed using switches, home automation keypads, a touch screen on the wall, a wireless remote control with a screen, any computer connected to the property’s network, or a phone.

One advantage is being able to control thermostats for heating and air conditioning, which enable you to alter the temperature of each room in the house individually. In this way, you can achieve maximum comfort even on the very hottest summer days.

With lighting services, you can make the most of the hours of natural sunlight through a power regulation system in the entrance hall, lounge, dining room, and bedrooms, and the rest of the rooms have an ON/OFF lighting system incorporated into the home automation system.

Security is excellent in these homes, and consists of a central alarm, a control keyboard, presence sensors, flood sensors in the bathrooms and the kitchen, and fire detectors. These are all connected to the central alarm so that you can live with full peace of mind in your new home. And, if you’re expecting a visit, the house has an electronic intercom integrated into the home automation system, meaning that you can forward calls from the intercom to landlines or mobile phones. The range of home automation systems increases every day, offering higher quality products that are even easier to use.

If you want to live in one of our intelligent luxury homes, don’t hesitate to ask for more information by filling in our contact form. We will be happy to help!