Our architects are some of the best professionals in their field, and thanks to them, our homes are synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Of course, we cannot overlook the idyllic location of our properties and the countless benefits it provides. Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, situated on the Costa Blanca, has direct access to one of the most gorgeous blue flag beaches in Spain, Cala Moraig, and is surrounded by lush and vibrant Mediterranean landscapes. Our architects take inspiration from this unparalleled environment when designing our luxury villas and apartments. The result are homes that unite all the best qualities the Mediterranean offers with modernity and style.

Alongside our great team of architects, we also have prestigious interior designers who are more than ready to lend their services to customers looking to personalise their home. To truly provide a dream-come-true experience, our custom villa service will allow you to design your own home and choose the finishes and materials you want to be used throughout. Our specialized team will accompany you throughout the entire customisation process, ensuring the finished result is all you wanted and more.

Details of a custom home at VAPF's Cumbre del Sol.

Every property built by VAPF is unique. The custom villa service allows you to design your future home to suit your needs and taste. You can rest easy knowing that only the highest quality materials are used throughout. If you prefer, you can also combine or take inspiration from various designs from our project portfolio. Our spacious and sleek residences embody modernity thanks to their open plan design, large terraces and infinity pools with sea views. We’re sure that your design will be a wonderful addition to our wide range of exclusive villas.

One of the greatest benefits of living in Alicante is its nearly 365 days of sunshine. All our developments are designed to make the most of this blessing. Our homes are always built to have optimal orientation for sun exposure, as well as large windows that allow sunlight to flood in and fill every corner of the property. With ample natural light throughout the year, the interior design of your home is sure to stand out. This, alongside the insulation system installed in all our villas, is in part what makes our homes incredibly energy efficient. Our priority is not only offering our clients gorgeous customisable homes, but also ensuring they provide a high quality of life and well-being.

Another great advantage of living on the Costa Blanca is having the Mediterranean Sea right outside your door. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass panel walls will both fill your home with plenty of sunlight and also provide breathtaking views from sea-facing rooms. These are some of the options you can keep in mind when building your future home.

Stunning sea views from our custom villas at VAPF's Cumbre del Sol.

At VAPF, our services extend far beyond purchasing a home. We are dedicated to making dreams come true and guaranteeing a high-quality, unique and exclusive lifestyle to all our residents. Our specialised team of professionals can’t wait to hear from you and help you built an idyllic home on the Costa Blanca!