Homes in exclusive and idyllic locations, with sea views surrounded by nature, very close to cities and places of interest, good communications by land, sea and air… In theory lots of developers offer these services in different places. So, why the Costa Blanca? And why VAPF in particular?

Our clients come first

Prioritising and caring for clients from the moment they contact us. This has always been our philosophy and the main pillar of our mission over the 59 years that we have been in the business. We feel immensely proud and gratified that for almost 6 decades we have made thousands of people’s dreams come true. “Our clients come first” is not just a cliché it is our mantra, it is who we are. We don’t just build villas and apartments, we build YOUR HOME, taking care with every detail and with our most important asset, YOU .

We know that we keep going on about it and in the end it’s not up to us, which is why we want to show you a sample of what our most recent clients think of VAPF.

“It was time to come back to Europe. The question was where to”

Frank and Maggie had been living in the US for nearly 20 years.  They had careers in America and their two children had grown up there. They had been happy living the “American dream” with good jobs an salaries too, but that phase was over. Now the difficulty was deciding where to go. “Frank likes the mountains and I love the sea nd warm climates. We need to look for something like that in Europe! That’s how it all started” Maggie tells us. “We had never been to Spain but we had friends who knew it and we thought that the Costa Blanca could be the perfect place to find that special mix. We came for a while on holiday to see what it was like and right away we knew. This was the place.

Frank has no doubts about the house buying process: ”They couldn’t have treated us better. The whole team was extremely professional and they took such care over the house down to the very last detail”. “We returned to the US while the house was being built and during that year, they kept us up to date with news and photos of the progress of the works and communications with VAPF. They were, and they also made sure we were, involved in the process”. This was very important to us.

“Quality and location. Everything is perfect”

Axel Wiktor and his family live in Cumbre del Sol.  They value being able to live in an area with amazing natural charm and yet which is so close and with such good communication to important cities like Alicante and Valencia. “It isn’t a decision that you take in a hurry. You think will it go right?, or could it go the other way … Making such a big change is really difficult”.  “But all our doubts were dispelled as soon as we saw the house. We had never seen anything like it”.

Axel’s wife also told us something that was key to them making their decision. The amount of things to do. “Here you can swim, you can go out to lunch or dinner, you can read, play sports…  You have everything you need”.  “The quality of materials in the apartment is special. It is really clear that a lot of effort and care has been put into it”.

“Before our visit was over we had already decided”

Those are the words of Wim and Marion Feijen, from the Netherlands. They had their first guided visit to discover Cumbre del Sol, and in the space of a few minutes, they know that this was the place.
“We did not have to think hard. The terrace and its amazing views seemed to welcome us to the Costa Blanca. We were immediately smitten.”
It is not just a marketing strategy or a good story. When you get here you can see that it is real and just as they said. VAPF has been our best companion on this adventure” – says Wim.

Frank, Maggie, Axel, Wim and Marion are just a few of our clients who are our best guarantee. Their satisfaction and their trust are part of VAPF’s identity, and what moves and motivates us to continuously improve with each day that passes.  Find more information in the section “Our clients come first” or contact us by filling in this form.