Acquiring a new home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Because of that, it’s fundamental that you feel comfortable and reassured through the whole process. Right from buying the home to getting the keys in your hands and afterwards enjoying the property. It’s here, in the last part of the process where the much-needed home insurance comes into play. At VAPF, we offer this comprehensive support. In this article, we want to go over some of the questions you may have about home insurance.

Why is it important to have home insurance?

Having good home insurance is the best way of investing in your peace of mind. Contracting home insurance protects you against fires, thefts, extreme weather events or any other damage that may happen to your new property. Not forgetting the civil liability guarantee against damage that your home may cause to a third party.

Now that you know the advantages of having home insurance, we want to talk to you about different types of insurance. Specifically, about building insurance, key to new build properties like the ones you’ll find at VAPF.

Building insurance – essential for your new home

Building insurance offers you guarantees on your property’s structure. That’s to say, inside and outside walls, roofs, flooring, and any other aspect of the property like doors and windows. Furthermore, it also covers amenities like water, heating, electricity, and security systems. On the other hand, contents insurance covers everything damages within the property, like furniture and other goods.

Both these types of home insurance are essential if you want the experience in your new home to be as peaceful and comfortable as possible. At VAPF, we always try to offer the best service, and the same goes for protecting your home! So much so that clients who decide to purchase their new home with us will be able to enjoy free building insurance for the first year.

Exclusive villa in Costa Blanca

This exclusive service for VAPF clients is an enormous benefit. For contracting any building insurance, we take into account relevant factors such as: the size of the property, whether it is a single-family home like our villas or a multi-family home like our apartments. As well as the location in the heart of the Costa Blanca or the high quality materials we work with.

At VAPF we reward the trust placed in us and in our properties with this and other exclusive advantages. Would you also like to enjoy these benefits? The first step is to fill in the form you will find in our contact area. From that moment on, you will discover the quality of our customer service and we look forward to showing it to you!