At VAPF, we have over 50 years of experience in working on and offering luxury homes on the Costa Blanca. Since we began, the most important thing for us has always been our customers. For this reason, our work continues to focus on providing our customers and home owners with all the tools and services we have available to us in order to guarantee your total satisfaction when purchasing your new home. We provide a number of advantages and services which make us unique:


  1. Multilingual service: Our experience allows us to offer all our customers the best services, presenting you with luxury apartments and villas of the very highest quality, with exclusive locations by the sea. One of the main advantages we offer is our personalised, multilingual service in a range of languages such as English, French, German, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, and Russian, facilitating communication at all times, from the very start.


  1. Extranet: Our customers have access to a free, dynamic, interactive and easy-to-use platform which allows you to closely follow the construction process and development of your new home from wherever you are, as well as having to hand all the necessary documents about your property.

This platform is available in different languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese) and automatically detects the user’s language. Through it, you will have:

  • Up-to-date information about the construction of your new home.
  • Access to the plans: layout and electrical plans for each one of the floors, location plan, and the material choice
  • Access to all documents, contracts, and payments made: Building licence, certificate from the architect about the acoustics and handover certificate, construction completion certificate, certificate of habitability, as well as Deed of Construction Completion Certificate or of New Construction Completion. Furthermore, you will have access to all contracts, transfers, and payments made.
  • Information about all the services in the area, such as health services, and information about the main cities in the area.
  • Access to an FAQ and INFO section to clear up any doubts you may have.
  • Access to the latest posts on our VAPF and Cumbre del Sol blogs, for up-to-date information about events and everything going on both at VAPF and in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort and the surrounding areas.


  1. Personalised service: to guarantee our home owners’ satisfaction, we offer you our customer service and personal follow up which will accompany you throughout the entire purchase process, supporting you and guiding you in everything to do with your new home. From when you decide to purchase a home, you will have a point of contact at VAPF who will help you with anything you need: choice of materials, managing everything to do with the property, or any problems or changes which may arise with your home. Furthermore, when it comes to handing over the keys, we accompany you to your new home to ensure that you are satisfied with the work carried out and help you with any questions you might have about your new home. However, this personalised service doesn’t end when the keys are handed over; we will be there at all times to support and advise you in everything related to the property.


  1. Free hotel stay:To ensure you that your purchase of your new home is not an inconvenience, we offer you 1 free night at hotel. Start your new life in comfort, stress free.


  1. Free insurance: To make our customers’ lives easier, we offer free buildings insurance for the first year.


  1. Key holding: As many of our customers spend a great deal of time abroad, we offer to hold a set of keys for you so that if you ever lose or forget your keys, you can still easily access your home on the Costa Blanca. Furthermore, this also makes things easier when friends and family come to visit, or when hiring a repairs or cleaning service when you are not there.


  1. Managing suppliers: We manage the process of setting up direct debits for the water, electricity, and community bills. All you need to do is indicate the account from which the bills will be paid, and we will take care of the rest.


  1. Managing rentals: If you would like to rent out your property to earn some extra income, we can manage this so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.


When you buy your new home on the Costa Blanca with us, we offer a whole host of advantages. If you would like more information, fill in our contact form. We will be delighted to offer you our exclusive and personalised service. We hope to hear from you soon!