The Javea Golf Club is situated just a few kilometres away from the Cumbre del Sol residential complex, in a unique location surrounded by nature. As well as its size, at over 250,000m2, another advantage of the club is its location, which benefits from a year-round pleasant climate, enabling golf lovers to enjoy a round at any time of year.

Designed by Francisco Moreno, the Javea Golf Club was opened in 1981. Though at first it was intended for Spanish players, with the arrival of tourism and residential complexes an international clientele began to emerge. Club Manager, José Manuel Arconada, says: “At the moment, we have around 600 members of different nationalities. Though they are mainly British, we also have members from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium… people from all over Europe. For this reason, our specialist staff team is made up of 25 employees of a range of nationalities so that we can offer service in many of these languages”.

Nowadays, the club is considered one of the most important private clubs in the area, and its main value is that members are always given preference. “Although visitors and neighbours can also use the facilities, our clients are particularly those who are retired, residents, or those who have a second home in the area”, José Manuel Arconada tells us.

The club’s course is a 9-hole course, though as on the second time around many of these are played from different tees, it is practically an 18-hole course. What’s more, the 4th/13th Green is big enough to accommodate different pin positions. That’s why, as Manuel Arconada states “We have a great number of players throughout the entire year, with around 38,000 annual tee-offs”.

In addition, all members are also shareholders in the club. Arconada comments that “When a user accesses the club there is an initial cost which includes the price of the share and the joining fee, but afterwards, for those clients who assiduously enjoy golf, it works out much more cost effective. Furthermore, our members are our main priority, regardless of season”.

The club is also home to a golf school, in which classes are taught by professional golfers and adapted to the specific needs of the student. On Saturday mornings, there are classes attended by children from nearby towns.

Clubhouse, tennis court, and restaurant

Members can also take advantage of the Clubhouse, a unique space overlooking the first Green with panoramic views of the surrounding area and the Montgo. “Members make use of this space for galas, national holidays in their country of origin, competitions (normally around 50 a year), as well as other private activities of the groups and clubs which have formed over the years”.

The club also offers two tennis courts which are in excellent condition and can be used throughout the entire year both by members and non-members.

Lastly, the facilities include an exclusive restaurant with impressive views which specialises in local and traditional cuisine to make every dish an explosion of aromas and flavours. A delicious meal in the Javea Golf Club restaurant is the perfect end to a day of sport.