At VAPF, we’re continuing to actively participate in improving the socioeconomic conditions of the communities where we work. That’s why year after year, we roll out activities in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility.

After 2020 saw the rise of the COVID-19 health crisis, and the socioeconomic crisis that came along with it, 2021 was the year of overcoming, hopeful recovery, and the end of the pandemic.

In this particularly volatile context filled with uncertainty, at VAPF we continued to support different NGOs and associations in our area to help those who most need it.

Vulnerable children living in poverty are the ones that most need immunisation, but they’re the least likely to receive it. For that reason, at VAPF, we joined the UNICEF vaccine “Small Solutions” campaign. It’s a campaign centred around distributing vaccines to all boys and girls, even in the most difficult to reach places in tough situations. The campaign prioritises the poorest and most disadvantaged communities, and so, collaborating in a project like this can save millions of lives.

The VAPF Group continues to be a “Company without Borders”.  We gave financial aid to the organisation “Doctors without Borders”. This is so that they can still offer medical help and humanitarian aid to those who most need it.

We supported the work of Save the Children, for quality education, good health and protecting children from any form of violence through their UNIDOS (UNITED) programme. This is a programme for companies that care about communities and allowed us to join forces to fight against childhood poverty in Spain.

We worked with the UNHCR to cover all the basic needs for refugees, offering them shelter, food, medical care, education, and legal aid.

Once again, with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer, we backed the construction of a housing colony for vulnerable families in India. This housing will be registered in the name of the woman of the family.

We teamed up once again with the NGO Aldeas Infantiles SOS, whose main mission is to help children and young people in vulnerable situations, promoting their development and independence through foster care in protective family environments and also through strengthening their networks with family, society and the community.

In PAYASOSPITAL, against all odds, we spread smiles and cheer amongst thousands of children in hospitals.

We joined forces with the Red Cross in their Emergency Relief programme for the most vulnerable. This was carried out with the hope to minimise the economic and social impact that the current crisis is having on many families in our area, avoiding social exclusion. With Caritas, we supported people in situations of exclusion and vulnerability in our community, regardless of their religious beliefs.

For the second year in a row, the VAPF Group gave financial aid to the Neuromuscular Diseases Association of the Valencian Region (ASEM CV) in their plan Promoting Personal Autonomy. The goal is to encourage people affected by these diseases to gain as much personal independence and autonomy as they can on a physical, mental, and psychological level.

Like every other year, we’re continuing to work with ASPANION, the Association for Parents of Children with Cancer in the region of Valencia. This time round, we collaborated on the HEICOP project from the Health Research Institute ‘La Fe’, on the project titled in English “Towards excellence in clinical research in paediatric oncology: new drugs and therapeutic procedures in treating children and adolescents with cancer”.

We continue to increase our efforts and we’re sure that our support, united with that of many other businesses and individuals, will make a big difference in these people’s lives.

We’re proud to work together to make sure that these ambitious goals are not just a dream.