7 tips to help with the move into your new VAPF home

Whether you have already chosen to live in one of our luxury properties by the sea or are thinking of doing so… here are 7 tips which will make your life easier when it comes to making the move. Take note… and begin enjoying the enviable Mediterranean climate  from your new home on the Costa Blanca!

  1. If there are any changes that you want to make in your new home, the ideal time to do them is before you move in; when the property is empty you won’t have to spend time moving or covering your furniture and other objects, making the process easier for everyone. You can consult our professionals who will help and advise you at all times so that your home is just as you dreamed it would be. In addition, you can also choose to make use of our interior decorating service so that you will feel at home as soon as you arrive.
  2. Take advantage of the move to throw out clothes and objects that you no longer use. There are a variety of methods for organising personal objects that can help you to decide what is not necessary. For example, the Konmari method created by Marie Kondo is one of the world’s most famous organisational systems which has become a way of life based on order. It could be very useful for getting rid of those things that you don’t use anymore!
  3. Start to pack at least a month before your move. As this is an arduous process that can be stressful, it’s best to do it little by little to avoid unnecessary tension.
  4. Before starting to pack, prepare everything that you need: boxes and packages of different sizes, protective materials for the most fragile objects (such as bubble wrap), etc. It’s important to wrap objects well to avoid any damage. There are companies dedicated to packing, so don’t hesitate to call them if you need a hand!
  5. Don’t close the boxes until they are full. It’s best to place objects of the same type (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom) in the same box to make them easier to find later.
  6. Make an inventory of your boxes. We advise numbering them and writing a list of the objects in each box. This system will make it easier to organise your things so that you know where priority objects are as well as ensure that nothing is lost during the move. Once everything is packed up, check all the rooms to make sure that nothing important has been left behind.
  7. Choose a good moving company. Remember that it is important to sign a contract and have a liability insurance policy in place to cover the loss of or damage to your possessions or any unexpected problems during the course of the move.

If you would like more information about our properties or advice about your move to your new VAPF home, fill in our contact form! We will be delighted to help you.

Inauguration of our Blue Infinity luxury apartments

We began the month of November with a party to celebrate the inauguration of Blue Infinity, our development of luxury apartments with sea views in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. Last Friday, we were able to enjoy this event in which the property owners had the chance to meet each other and enjoy a fantastic evening with views of the Mediterranean Sea from the Blue Infinity apartments. Attendees included owners of properties in Block A, the future property owners from Block B, friends, and part of the VAPF team, which came to 75 guests in total at the event.

The event began at 12:00pm in the Blue Infinity hall, where guests were welcomed and presented with an identification bracelet as well as a bag containing gifts, among which was an exclusive Blue Infinity polo shirt.

Shortly afterwards, the guests enjoyed a delicious welcome cocktail, with canapés and fresh ham cut by a ham carver, in the terrace and pool area of the communal zones. When it was time to eat, guests were able to enjoy a sumptuous menu without taking their eyes off Blue Infinity’s wonderful sea views.

After the meal, guests had the opportunity to enjoy a performance of Flamenco singing and dancing.

In the evening, the party then continued in the gym area which was adapted for the occasion with a DJ, cocktail bar, and a fun photocall in which guests were able to pose for photos and take them home as a special memory of the event.

During the event, our Sales and Marketing Director Vicente Mestre said a few words thanking all those who attended. On behalf of VAPF, we would like to thank all our guests again for turning the inauguration of Blue Infinity into an unforgettable day for everyone and we hope that our Blue Infinity property owners will enjoy the wonderful luxury apartments with sea views that we have created for them.

If you too would like to buy a luxury apartment on the Costa Blanca, don’t hesitate! Fill in our contact form and we’ll provide you with more information, with no obligation.

Cumbre del Sol becomes a film studio

For a few days, Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort became a film set for a spot which reflects the lifestyle enjoyed by those who call the resort home.

The team involved was made up of nine people and six actors who showed a typical day in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. To do this, in addition to the hours dedicated to casting and storytelling beforehand, they needed 45 hours of filming time in the different developments as well as the use of drones to capture the wonderful views from the properties.

In the spot, you can see the exclusive developments as well as the services offered in Cumbre del Sol. These include the supermarket, Laude International School, the restaurant, and the tennis and padel sports facilities. In addition, thanks to the resort’s privileged location we can see that there is also the option to enjoy different activities such as running and cycling in this unique setting.

Vicente Mestre, Sales and Marketing Director at VAPF, says of the project: “We wanted to reflect a typical day in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, where you can find the balance between family, work, and social life as well as having a healthy lifestyle, and all in an unrivalled environment.”

In the spot, we have the chance to look inside two of VAPF’s exclusive developments. The first of these is Villa La Nao in the Jazmines Residential Area, which is a luxury development accessed only by property owners with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and skyline. It is the ideal place for those who want a made-to-measure house which suits their tastes and needs. Then, there are also the exclusive Blue Infinity apartments with efficient and functional layouts, high-quality materials and fittings, wellness areas, and a carefully considered interior design project.

If you need more information about our exclusive developments, you can request it by filling in our contact form. Start your new life in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort!

Live by the beach or in the mountains… or why not both?

Choosing between the beach and the mountains has always been that eternal dilemma. A question that asked us to choose just one of the two options. Those who love a refreshing swim and a siesta on the sand would undoubtedly choose the sea and its salty air, while the more adventurous would opt for heights and the tranquillity of a walk among trees and along hiking trails.

However, at the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, you can have both options in just one place. And that’s not just because in around an hour by car you can reach beautiful natural parks such as the Sierra Helado, Montgó, or Sierra de Bernia, nor because there are beaches such as Granadella Beach and Cala de Ambolo just 25 minutes away.

It’s because the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is located at the easternmost point of the province of Alicante. The Sierra de la Llorença is located between Cabo de la Nao and Punta de Moraira. Watched over by the Puig Llorença massif, it is home to different VAPF developments: Magnolias, Lirios, Blue Infinity apartments

From the highest point, around 440 metres high, you can experience the panoramic beauty of Mediterranean landscapes such as Benidorm Island; capes such as San Antonio, la Nao, and Albir; and the impressive Peñon de Ifach… while on the clearest days you can even make out the Island of Ibiza.

Now that we have described the more mountainous part of Cumbre del Sol, we need to explain why you’ll want to go for a swim at the beach on the hottest days. As we mentioned, the Sierra de la Llorença is home to VAPF’s luxury houses… at a horizontal distance of 1.5km from the sea. As you walk you’ll find one of the ideal coves for relaxation: Cala Moraig. This is the closest one to Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort and can be accessed both by car and on foot.

Other options such as Cala Llebeig and Cala Testos are also found in Cumbre del Sol and are ideal for enjoying even more privacy and tranquillity. However, be aware that you’ll need to go along a hiking trail, or by boat, to reach them. Of course, there are also many more options to discover.

So, the eternal debate between beach and mountains is over! With the villas and apartments in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, you can have the best of both worlds. What’s more, we’re sure that bringing your day of adventures or relaxation to an end with a dip in the pool sounds even better. If you need more information about our exclusive developments, you can get in touch through the following form. We’d love to hear from you!

Cumbre del Sol, land of cycling

One of the biggest events in Spain’s cycling calendar is the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, whose third stage is taking place in Poble Nou de Benitatxell. Today, the 26 teams taking part in the race will cover 23 kilometres in a team time trial from the town close to Cumbre del Sol, to Calpe.

In just a short time, the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana has managed to earn itself a prestigious reputation among the most important teams on the international stage. Reborn two years ago, the race started up again in 2016 after its last edition in 2008.

Proof of the event’s prestige is seen through the level of participation: 11 teams which belong to the World Tour category – the highest division in professional cycling. Some of the winning cyclists in the most important day tests, such as Michal Kwiatkowski (winner in Milan – San Remo), Greg Van Avermaet (winner in Paris – Roubaix and current Olympic champion), Alejandro Valverde and Wout Poels (both winners in Lieja – Bastoña – Lieja), are attending this race as a vital part of their preparation ahead of this season’s most important months. They will all be racing around the streets in Poble Nou de Benitatxell, close to Cumbre del Sol, this afternoon.

Thanks to the exceptional climate enjoyed here even in the months of December and January, numerous professional cycling teams choose the region of Alicante – and specifically the towns of Calpe, Denia, and Poble Nou de Benitatxell – for their pre-season stages. As a result, it’s not unusual to travel up to Cumbre del Sol during these months and run into the current Giro d’Italia champion team training in the area.

As a region which is often frequented by professional cyclists and bicycle tourists, Cumbre del Sol was included as Stage 9 of the Vuelta a España in 2015. This unprecedented outcome ended in the victory of Dutch Tom Dumoulin, current Giro D’Italia champion, who beat cyclists such as Chris Froome, Nairo Quintana, and Purito Rodríguez.

The organisation for the Vuelta a España was satisfied with the results of the edition, and didn’t hesitate to repeat Stage 9 in Cumbre del Sol. Last year, Chris Froome pedalled to victory after his second-place finish in 2015. A few weeks later, the British cyclist would claim the red jersey of the Vuelta a España champion.

If you love cycling, at Cumbre del Sol you will  have a privileged location where you can hone your skills in the sport. For more information about our houses, fill in our contact form. We would love to hear from you!

Educating for the future at the Lady Elizabeth School in Cumbre del Sol

For any resident of Cumbre del Sol, the location, climate, and luxury properties are undeniable attractions. However, for families, the most important factor is the knowledge that our children are provided for and can benefit from the very best education available to them. We talked to headmaster Richard Wijeratne from the Lady Elizabeth School, Cumbre del Sol, about the key to success at a school which is ranked as one of the best international schools in Spain, and the developments in store for this year.

A private British school for pupils from Early Years to Sixth Form, the Lady Elizabeth School is situated in the beautiful Cumbre del Sol on the Costa Blanca. Much like the area itself, the school is a truly international environment with pupils of 28 different nationalities. While English is the main language of instruction, the school’s international identity is reinforced with compulsory Spanish language until the age of 16, and other languages as main and extracurricular subjects. While the school is attended by day pupils who live in the local area, its dedication to the boarding programme also allows pupils, from the age of 13, to attend from all over Europe.

Having recently been extended with the completion of a new Year 5 and 6 Department building, which was opened by Nick Rugg, the Director of ISP Schools in Europe, in a ceremony attended by both parents and pupils, the school is undergoing exciting changes in 2018: “The parents loved it, the children loved it, the staff love it, and we are looking forward to moving into the building at the beginning of February.” Further developments await the school in September 2018, when the Secondary School facilities will be moved to join the Primary School in Cumbre del Sol.

Grupo VAPF at the opening ceremony of the New Primary School Extension

Grupo VAPF at the opening ceremony of the New Primary School Extension

When it comes to the success and the reputation of the Lady Elizabeth School, the headmaster explains that this is down to the school prioritising the focus on learning at all levels and making sure that the children fully understand the concept of learning: “We want the children to understand the learning process so that they improve more quickly and they are more satisfied in the whole process of learning. So that is the key, as in the Lady Elizabeth School right now, if you ask any child, or if you ask any parent, or if you ask any teacher what is the key to the Lady Elizabeth School they will simply say one word and that is “learning”. Learning in the classroom, learning on the sports field, learning in the theatre, learning in the swimming pool, learning to be good people, learning to understand other cultures, learning to work with adults, learning to work with friends. This is a simple concept, and it works extremely well.”

The headmaster goes on to explain that one of the undeniable strengths of the school is the specialist teachers, as well as the wide choice of subjects and external examinations, which means that “all pupils are able to take advantage of their own individual strengths, they do not have to follow the same programme as everybody else. They can choose to do different subjects that they enjoy, and if they enjoy them, then they will work better in them.”

For example, when it comes to GCSEs, the pupils choose their minimum of 9 subjects from a total of 18, which include core subjects such as Science, Maths, and Languages, as well as option subjects such as Media Studies and Music. The British Curriculum followed by pupils is complemented by study of the Spanish Section, and in both areas of study, the school achieves outstanding results in comparison to schools both in the locality, and on a national level.  The headmaster comments that “the key to this is we celebrate the success with the children, when we talked about learning being the main focus, learning is key but enjoyment of that is the next point”.

At the Lady Elizabeth School, studying this British National Curriculum and gaining A Level qualifications, which are recognised worldwide, allows pupils to pursue further studies anywhere in the world. Proof of the outstanding work of the school is shown through the results achieved by pupils both throughout and at the end of their time at the school. For example, the headmaster notes that over the last 18 years, not one pupil has not achieved their first-choice university in Spain, and comments that many of the Lady Elizabeth School pupils also go on to study in the United States as well as at Cambridge and other Russell Group Universities in the United Kingdom. “The whole programme that is offered here is one of considered success. We are very, very supportive of the pupils and as a result the pupils actually have enormous ambition for themselves.”

As well as supporting pupils who choose to go to university, the school focuses on helping the pupils integrate into the world of work. The Careers Department allows pupils to speak to careers officers about their concerns and interests; there is a Careers Fair in which numerous professionals from all fields talk to the pupils about their career path and experiences; and in the compulsory Work Experience programme, 15-year-old pupils must spend a week working at a company.

Finally, as well as their studies, the school places the utmost emphasis on helping the children to learn and acquire important values throughout their time at the school: “there is a values system that we concentrate on each month, so we will have ten different values that the whole school will focus on. For example, in January the value may be cooperation, in February it may be loyalty, in March it may be dedication, so what we are doing is we are talking to our pupils and teaching them to understand the importance of good values, of becoming great citizens, of becoming confident  young people, so that they can move into society when they leave the school, and when they are in the school, with great responsibility and maturity, which allows them to look back at the school and say that school was great, they really looked after me.”

Brand New Primary Building January 2018

"The future of the world is in my classroom today" – Ivan Welton Fitzwater After only 8 months of construction, we are extremely excited to tell you that the new building for our Years 5 & 6 is now complete! A wonderful start to an inspiring and transformative year for all of our Lady Elizabeth Community! #newprimary #school #international #education

Publicada por Laude Lady Elizabeth School en Martes, 9 de enero de 2018