Villa Ikaria: The world of Costa Blanca Norte at your feet

Living in a place with sea views is one thing and living in Villa Ikaria is quite another. It means that added special light that only the Mediterranean sun can provide. It means that every day you get up knowing that the light that charmed the painter Sorolla will fill your home. Why not come with us and learn more about this fabulous house?

But first, just exactly where is Villa Ikaria ? It is located in a special place with views of the Mediterranean yet it is also close to the mountain sierras. We are talking about somewhere in an extraordinary setting known as Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol in Benitatxell. This place is halfway between the cities of Valencia and Alicante. It lies in the region known as Costa Blanca Norte. This area is renowned for its beautiful green spaces and close by this development there are some important restaurants that boast Michelin stars. It is unquestionably a place for making the most of life’s pleasures, both big and small. And doing so knowing that you are in one of the places with the best climate for lovers of the outdoor life!

So what is Villa Ikaria like? It is built on two floors and designed to make the most of natural light. It is located in one of the areas of Spain that enjoys the most hours of annual sunshine. It has been shown that daily exposure to the sun for a minimum amount of time will increase happiness and wellbeing. Therefore our architects were clear that filling the villa with light would be a key element of its construction.


Entry to the villa is directly through the porch which also has access to the parking area. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms with an en suite in the master bedroom. This bathroom also has a huge window that means even here you can enjoy the sea views as elsewhere in the house.

Villa Ikaria is designed so that the sitting/dining room and the kitchen open out onto a spectacular terrace. With its huge expanse of picture windows you can enjoy the best of a terrace this size at any time of the year. Even those rare days when the sky is cloudy! The outdoor area is also striking with its large infinity pool. It has been designed so that it merges with the horizon, blending with the azure blue of the sea.

The home also boasts an extensive basement area which can be put to all kinds of uses. From adding another bedroom, to making it into a guest apartment, or perhaps a home cinema. Each person can choose what they wish to do with this area of their home!

At VAPF we are clear about how important it is to feel at ease in your own home and this is why we have designed this, and the other villas too, with you in mind. Creating a place that can become your home and where every day you will wake up knowing that you are living in your dream villa.


If you like the idea of creating new memories in the Costa Blanca Norte and having the world as your oyster, then Villa Ikaria is just right for you. It combines beauty and practical living to perfection.

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Your super-efficient home in winter with VAPF

At VAPF we always endeavour to ensure that the design and construction of our villa and apartment developments in Costa Blanca Norte maximise energy efficiency, and reduce as far as possible any environmental impact.  Many aspects need to be considered to ensure an efficient home such as insulation, windows, lighting and also water use. This can lead to a reduction in energy consumption between 70 % and 90% compared to a conventional home. Thanks to our work, many of our developments are certified with energy qualification A which is currently the highest category available.

However, before looking further at some of the things that make your home more efficient, what are the advantages?

  • Protecting the environment.
  • Reduction in consumption.
  • Financial savings.
  • Electricity independence.
  • Better air quality.
  • Comfort and convenience

Insulation: the basic pillar.

Insulation is a key factor in ensuring energy efficiency in a home. Good thermal insulation helps to maintain the constant temperature in a house.  It helps to keep the temperature at the required level inside the home, which means that it will use less heating energy in winter and air conditioning in summer.

The villas in our Cumbre del Sol development have a thermally insulated roof made of extruded polystyrene panels laid on an impermeable sheet of EPDM type rubber.  The flooring is also thermally insulated with certified panels on floor slabs, covered with a layer of self-levelling concrete prior to laying the floor covering.

The windows in our projects also play an important role in energy efficiency. They provide excellent thermal and acoustic efficiency, as well as reducing heat transfer between the inside and outside of the house.


We always recommend using LED lights which are more efficient and long lasting than conventional lighting. In addition, it is important to make the most of natural light, something that is not difficult in our homes as they all boast an outward looking architecture and open plan layout, and you will always enjoy direct or indirect light from outside.

Water and air conditioning

The use of water is also an important factor to consider. It’s possible to save water and energy by installing low consumption taps and showers, and toilets with double flush system which you can choose when you are selecting the personal fixtures and fittings of your villa.

The latest ECODAN Hybrid aerothermal system is available in the most recent VAPF villas and apartments. It is the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. This is based on just one external unit which will supply all your heating, air conditioning and hot water needs all year round, with the special feature of a heat recovery system that produces hot water simultaneous to use of the air conditioning.

At VAPF we are convinced that with the right approach it is possible to build more efficient and sustainable homes for future generations, and we will continue in our efforts to achieve this goal. We hope that you will be looking forward to our next blog post, but in the meantime you fan follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you don’t miss out on anything new in our upcoming projects.

Our villas in Altea await you in 2023. Find out more!

In the north of the Costa Blanca you will find the beautiful and charming town of Altea. Its rich cultural heritage, and one of the loveliest old town centres in Spain, all kinds of craft shops, restaurants and surrounded by vineyards, mountains and of course amazing beaches and sandy coves, all make for an area with plenty of character. A perfect place for enjoying a short holiday, spending a peaceful winter with the mild and pleasant temperatures, or directly finding a home there. It is precisely this last idea that we want to tell you about, as in 2023 we have several villas that will be ready to move in to in two of our developments in this location: Azure Altea Homes 2 and Blanc Altea Homes.

Villa Senza: Ready in July 2023

Villa Senza, in our Azure Altea Homes 2 development, will be available in March 2023. The villas in this development are located in the Sierra de Altea mountains and have impressive sea views.

Villa Senza is built on three levels, with the top storey equipped with parking for two cars and an entrance hall with a lift that leads to the rest of the home. The mid-level floor has three bedrooms, each with terrace, walk-in wardrobe and private bathroom. The ground floor layout has three open spaces, including a fourth bedroom and an open plan kitchen and dining/sitting room. All the rooms are filled with Mediterranean light and lead to the outdoor part of the villa, with porches, a large terrace and infinity pool so that the sea is never out of sight for a moment. In short, design, fixtures and fittings, quality and impressive views of the sea await you in Altea this July. For more information about Villa Senza contact us by clicking on this link.

Blanc Altea Homes

Blanc Altea Homes is our other development in Altea. A residential complex that is filled with light, with its spacious villas set in natural surroundings with panoramic views of the Mediterranean with the Benidorm skyline in the distance.

Fall in love with our Blanc Altea Homes

The homes in this development are designed in contemporary architectural style, and although they are part of a residential complex, they are detached and each villa boasts an exclusive design that makes it unique.

All the houses are striking for the natural light and spacious rooms with a layout of 3,4 and 5 bedrooms, 4, 5 and 6 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, living rooms, terrace, pool, barbecue, enclosed garage and lift. Several of the villas in this development will be completed in 2023 and waiting for lovers of the Costa Blanca Norte to move in:

  • Model HC013: will be ready in March 2023. Fully equipped, including interior design project with furniture, fittings and décor included.
  • Model HC012: will be complete in September 2023.

Azure Altea Homes 2 or Blanc Altea Homes, the peace and tranquillity of the mountains or the comfort of a residential complex. You choose. You can contact us for more information on these villas which will soon be ready to live in, or if you would like to know more about our other developments in prime locations of the Costa Blanca Norte. You can also follow us for all our news on Facebook, Instagram and our upcoming blog posts so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Villa Karma: Warmth, simplicity and integration

Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is so much more than a residential zone, it is a whole lifestyle for anyone who loves sea views and warm temperatures practically all year round, a place which makes it perfect for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling or enjoying a Mediterranean dinner with friends on your private terrace. In this environment, exclusivity reigns, with villas and apartments designed according to the latest trends and fully equipped to top specifications. A good example is Residencial Jazmines, a contemporary architectural complex of spacious luxury homes with spectacular sea views of the Costa Blanca. One of its most outstanding homes is Villa Karma, and here we tell you all about what could be your next home where you can start a new life, surrounded by countryside, yet with every service you need within reach.


Discover Costa Blanca Norte

Warmth, simplicity and integration are the terms that define Villa Karma. A villa with a design based on fluid spaces, filled with natural light and views of the Mediterranean with a serene and welcoming aesthetic, combining natural stone with ceramic floor and wall coverings, white façades and the blue of the sky and the sea. Inside, the house is laid out on three floors divided into a set of unique rooms. On the lower floor there is an extensive porch with amazing views, the perfect place for lunch or dinner with family and friends. Upstairs on the middle floor you’ll find the true heart of the home, an airy spacious place that houses the kitchen, sitting room and dining room, with an open plan design, exclusively using furniture as room dividers, and with the whole area merging with the outdoors, thanks to the enormous picture windows acting as walls that let in abundant light. Taking the stairs you will access what is known as the “night time area” a place for rest, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with one an en suite for the main bedroom, which also has a dressing room and huge windows, providing an exclusive vantage point from your bed for watching the fabulous sunrise as another day dawns. However, you need to go back downstairs to find the final and most special feature of this home which is a private terrace complete with pool where you can sunbathe almost every day of the year thanks to the fantastic climate afforded by the Costa Blanca Norte.

The Villa in numbers:

3 bedrooms.

3 bathrooms

469 m2  of living space

807 m2 plot of land.


villa cumbre del sol


As you already know, Residencial Jazmines is part of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, a well-established residential area that has everything you need within reach: a commercial zone with supermarket, hairdresser’s pharmacy, bars and restaurants, the international Lady Elizabeth School and a wide range of tennis and padel courts, hiking trails and a riding school, not to mention the amazing beaches nearby, cala del Moraig, cala Llebeig and Cala dels Testos.

We recommend that you take a look at our blog to discover all the news about our villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca, as well as learning about all the opportunities and activities on offer for leisure and entertainment in the Costa Blanca Norte. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our upcoming blog posts so that you can keep up with all our latest news.

Decorating trends for 2023

The start of every new year brings new decorating trends and at VAPF as we love interior design, we aim to keep up with them all so that we can work on the details of your home both indoors and out. In fact, did you know that we have a full programme for tailoring your villa to your own personal taste? With Custom Villas we place our team of architects at your disposal along with the assistance of an interior decorator who will help you design your villa to your own specifications with everything you have always dreamed of: a spacious, light and airy villa with a private terrace and outdoor areas so that you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and spectacular views of the sea from the plots of land in Cumbre del Sol. If you are thinking of taking the plunge and embracing a new exclusive way of life, don’t hesitate and contact us. In the meantime, we leave you with some of the latest trends in home decoration so that you can start to imagine the home of your dreams.


Less is more

Warm minimalism is a strong trend this season. The aim is clear: designing uncluttered yet cosy and welcoming rooms that provide calm and relaxation. How to achieve this? By combining all the best of Scandinavian and Japanese design and the most recent addition to the club, Mediterranean style! For this purpose, we create a blank canvas, featuring furniture made with clean straight lines combined with neutral and beige tones, and with natural materials such as wood and vegetable fibres providing special touches, with the addition of artisanal items. Another important trend to remember is for “raw” materials, pieces crafted with untreated wood, and light, plenty of light, which is also good for your plants.


tendencias decoracion 2023


Curvilinear décor


In line with a more relaxed and warm aesthetic style, interior decorating has reinstated the curve, one of the main features of feng shui, ruling out aggressive, sharp corners. It’s true that curves are easy on the eye, and they can bring an air of serenity to a room. However, how can you incorporate this new trend in your home? In the sitting room the most daring option is to choose a sofa with curved lines, although if you would rather keep this important piece of furniture more neutral, you can always introduce  touches elsewhere with mirrors, tables and chairs, or other decorative elements such as vases or rounded voluminous lamps.


decoracion 2023


A more natural aesthetic

This trend for natural material is reflected in the architecture of the houses, and this is why at VAPF we design our villas and apartments by reinventing the Mediterranean aesthetic to blend with the surroundings and the sea views that characterise our homes. This Mediterranean air is clearly represented in the simple lines, white façades,  and in some cases, use of natural materials such as stone and wood.


Trends in the world of ceramics

How have all these trends been reflected in ceramics?  Large formats, also known as XL in flooring make any room seem spacious, although this option also works on façades, kitchen work surfaces and in bathrooms. Another trend that never goes out of fashion is imitation wood porcelains which look great on your terrace and avoid the deterioration inherent in using wood in this humid zone where there is also considerable exposure to the sun, and moreover, you can always choose the same model for both indoors and outdoors so that they blend into one and the same space. Finally, another trend is the marble effect. In bathrooms you can use it to accentuate a wall or use the same design for both floor and walls to create a unified space, in kitchens it would look great as a work top or for front panels, or why not use it for both!


Now that you know everything about the latest trends in home décor, what else do you need? Oh yes! A new home in an exclusive area with views of the sea, get in touch with us to begin your new exclusive lifestyle. And remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our upcoming blog posts so that you can keep up with all our news.

The most exclusive views of the sea at Villa Índigo

Enjoying views of both the sea and the surrounding countryside of the Costa Blanca Norte is one of the main attractions of Villa Índigo. A house with a garden and a private pool, and a layout that comprises three floors with 3 bedrooms, each with access to a terrace. In short, you have the utter luxury of waking, walking out onto the terrace and breathing in fresh pure air and beginning your day looking at the Mediterranean and the garden, which is perfectly adapted to the landscape and the building design, to which is added, to top it all off, an impressive infinity pool. Would you like to hear more?


Optimal and functional distribution

The 425 square metres of Villa Índigo are distributed over three floors. Access to the villa is through the top floor where there is a parking area for vehicles and a lift that connects the floors of the home. On the second floor, the villa’s 3 bedrooms are located (there is also a guest suite with private terrace on the ground floor). All the rooms have access to the terrace and therefore all have fabulous views from the villa. Unquestionably, the mere fact of waking up every morning will become a whole visual and sensory experience as you breathe in the fresh air and gaze out onto the Costa Blanca Norte.


Natural light all year round

VAPF projects are characterised by architecture that looks outwards to make the most of the hours of daylight and the 300 days of sunshine enjoyed on the Costa Blanca Norte. This openness to the outdoors takes shape on the ground floor of the home. This consists of a spacious living area, filled with light and leading to an open plan kitchen and outdoor zone which makes this room the heart of the home and the main living space. The interior layout has prioritised the breadth and functionality of the rooms, incorporating elements such as the kitchen sliding door and the overhanging section of the sitting/dining room which conveys the sensation of being suspended in the air looking out to sea.


salon chalet de lujo


An outdoor area to be enjoyed

Villa Índigo has been designed as the connection of several modules that all look outwards. In this way, the terrace and the bathing area become a central component of the home. The main façade is composed of glass panels, which provide continuity between the indoor area and the outside. The garden, which is adapted to the landscape, and the huge terrace with its infinity pool that merges with the sea, are the most striking elements of the villa.


With its own style, marked contemporary design, unique location and fantastic views of the sea, what else do you need to make Villa Índigo your new home? In our upcoming blog posts and in our Facebook and Instagram profiles, we’ll tell you more about our future projects on the Costa Blanca Norte.