Third VAPF Agencies Convention

Last Saturday, February 22nd, VAPF celebrated their agencies convention for the third consecutive year. This exclusive event brought together many real estate professionals who work alongside VAPF, with the objective of showing them all the latest developments and new locations planned for 2020.

More than 130 national and international guests gathered at the event, which was celebrated in the five-star Hotel Marriott La Sella in Denia, to spend the day that was divided into two parts.

The event commenced at the hotel, where guests were given their accreditation cards before being welcomed with breakfast. Afterward, everyone headed to the International Lady Elizabeth School for the workshop, which was introduced by the Marketing and Commercial Director, Vicente Mestre.

The newest developments planned for 2020 were presented at the workshop. The upcoming market launch of the Novamar Suites 2 and the new villa projects in the well-established and familiar Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol are worth highlighting. Other locations will also have new developments, such as Racó de Galeno in Benissa, Azure Altea Homes 2 and Blanc Altea Homes, both in Altea, and the La Sella Apartments in Denia.

Once the first half of the workshop was finished, the agents were able to walk around the school and tour Cumbre del Sol where they got to see some of the most recently built homes. Afterward, everyone returned to the Hotel Marriott La Sella, where the morning session came to a close with lunch.

The second part of the day started with a welcoming drink at the Gala Banquet Hall, where all the guests gathered before dinner. At dinner, the guests were entertained by a grand musical and acrobatic show. Vicente Mestre ended the evening by thanking all the agents for their attendance and starting the awards ceremony, with which VAPF aimed to reward the efforts of its agents. These were the winners:

2019 Agency with the Most Sales – Medland Spain

2019 Most Efficient Agency – Seanest – Jan Van Parijs Properties

2019 Best Local Agency – Atina Inmobiliaria

2019 Nobel Agency – Vamos Immo

VAPF’s objective with these events is to strengthen our relationship with our agents. VAPF wants to once again thank everyone who attended the event for being part of our team and for helping make our clients’ dreams come true.

VAPF is Celebrating its Third Agencies Convention

Following the success of our first two Agencies Conventions, we will be holding the third edition on February 22nd. The past two events were major triumphs which brought together a considerable number of our agents from 52 estate agencies from all over Europe. Our conventions are the perfect occasion for us to thank them for working so hard to ensure our clients find their dream home on the Costa Blanca. We also take the opportunity to inform them of our new developments and locations.

This year, the event takes place in the Hotel Marriott La Sella, a 5-star hotel, and is due to start at 9:30. Attendees will be welcomed and given accreditation cards, as well as supporting material for the workshop. At 10:30, we’ll head to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, where the workshop will begin. We’ll conduct a tour of our properties and present the newest developments we have in store to the agents.

We’ll return to the hotel at 14:30 for lunch, followed by free time so our agents can rest or make the most of the occasion by sharing their experiences. During this time, guests can relax, enjoy the hotel’s spa or golf course. The hotel also has a 24-hour free gym and a hairdressing service.

After the attendees have enjoyed their free time in this beautiful and luxurious location, everyone will gather at the hotel lobby at 20:30 for a welcoming drink before dinner, which will begin at 21:00. During the dinner, famous sculptor Toni Marí will be handing out awards to some of the attendees. We aim to recognise and award our agents, who are a part of our VAPF family and who go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Here at VAPF, we want to say thank you once more to everyone who plans to attend this convention. Our agents are a crucial part of our success; its thanks to their commitment and dedication that we can guarantee that Our Clients Come First. We look forward to seeing you all and showing our gratitude in person!

Fall in Love with Our Luxury Villas and Apartments on Our YouTube Channel!

Do you dream of waking up to the gentle sound of waves, sunlight streaming in through your window, and a perfect, temperate day awaiting you? If you do, then here at VAPF, we can help make your dreams a reality. Our luxury villas and apartments are in the heart of the Costa Blanca, an exclusive location which promises spectacular views that overlook the Mediterranean sea from every window. To illustrate just how idyllic life is at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, we have a YouTube channel with videos to help you visualize your new life on the Costa Blanca, as well as the events we organize for residents.

If you are looking for modern apartments, perfectly suited for couples and families, then look no further than our Montecala Gardens apartments. Our videos detail the sleek architecture of the homes, showing the various models there are to choose from: ground floor apartments with a terrace and garden, and the others that include a sunroom and terrace. You can appreciate the gorgeous open design which makes the most of the space, catering to your comfort with central air conditioning and underfloor heating. Furthermore, it shows the wonderful common areas you can enjoy all year-round, such as the pool, children’s playground and more. If instead, you are looking for ready-to-move apartments, the Jardines de Montecala development is perfect for you.

If you are interested in luxury, exclusivity and privacy, then you’ll be swept away by our Blue Infinity development. Located in an enclosed complex, these homes have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The videos on these modern homes will show you how we have married comfort with technology, as they’re equipped with home automation systems. Envision yourself lounging on your terrace overlooking the sea, swimming in your infinity pool, and hosting your friends and family in your open and spacious home. However, if what you’re looking for is a luxury villa, then you’ll love our Lirios Design development. Inspired by the Greek islands, these villas ensure a Mediterranean experience with their ample indoor and outdoor spaces. Located on a natural enclave, they offer breathtaking vistas to the sea from the terrace and infinity pool.

These are just some of the options we have at VAPF! Our homes are meticulously designed, so your new life is synonymous with luxury and relaxation. Don’t just take our word for it, watch some testimonials from our residents and get the guarantee you need to take the leap towards your new home. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out our contact form.

Our Clients are our Main Priority

At VAPF, we have been building luxury villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca since 1963. Our philosophy has always been to prioritise our clients’ needs, long before we even begin the construction process of your dream home. Therefore, we offer a series of services and benefits with our ‘Our Clients Come First’ initiative, ensuring that new residents at Residential Resort Cumbre Del Sol are as satisfied as possible with their new homes.

All our homes are built in an idyllic setting, with breathtaking sea views and natural surroundings. Visit the gorgeous coves and beaches at the foot of your home or make the most of the nearby restaurants, bars, or even the sports facilities! There’s always something to do, and we run a blog so you can stay up-to-date on our events and feel inspired to explore the astonishing area you live in. Also, every possible service is close by, assuring you the most convenient and relaxed day to day.

Of course, the interiors of our homes are as remarkable as their surroundings. Fully equipped, detailed with luxurious amenities and finishes, our modern homes are a dream come true. All our properties are designed to take advantage of the almost 365 days of sunshine, making them more energy efficient, with windows overlooking the Mediterranean and terraces so you can bask in the sea breeze. We offer a wide range of properties in our portfolio, ensuring that all our clients find a home that’s the right fit.

You’ll start benefiting from our services long before you have the key to your new home. From the very beginning, your point of contact at VAPF welcome you with a personalised and multilingual service, so that communication is easy and comfortable throughout. They will be there for you throughout the whole purchasing process, helping you with everything from the design to the paperwork and procedures of your property. We have a specialised department who will advise and help you with any matter related to your new home. We also offer our free Extranet platform, which provides information about the construction process, house plans and legal documents of your new home, as well as FAQs, all in your native language.

We also offer a series of free services to assure your move is stress-free and comfortable. We help you set up direct debit payments for all the utilities, community bills and taxes of your new home. Additionally, we provide customers with free building insurance for the first year, ensuring you a worry-free year. Lastly, as we know many of our clients live abroad, we offer a keyholding service and if you’d like to rent your property while you’re away, we’ll also manage that for you!

If you are interested in taking the first step towards your new life on the Costa Blanca or would like more information, fill out our contact form. Your exclusive and personalised service starts now!

Discover our Star Developments

Have you always dreamt of waking up to breath-taking views of the sea and sunshine almost every day of the year? Then look no further than our Blue Infinity and Montecala Gardens luxury apartments! Begin the new year by starting a new life on the gorgeous Costa Blanca. At VAPF, we not only offer meticulously designed luxury homes made from the finest materials but also homes which meet your every need.

Our star developments are both modern and stylish apartment complexes, with different models and functional designs that cater to all types of people. Our homes are all built to make the most of the Mediterranean sun, offering plenty of natural light throughout the year. They also feature terraces and spaces where you can sunbathe, spend time with family and friends and relax as the sea breeze envelops you.

That isn’t all these spectacular homes have to offer. The Blue Infinity apartments have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making them spacious homes with awe-inspiring views at every corner, while the functional Montecala Garden apartments all feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfect for everyone from couples to families. Both developments offer communal areas, which were designed so that our residents maximize their leisure and relaxation time.

Situated in our Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, our star developments are all incredibly close to stunning beaches and coves, as well as the picturesque towns of Javea and Moraira. At the heart of the Costa Blanca, in Benitachell, our residents live as though it were summer every day, thanks to year-round mild temperatures. This idyllic setting is the perfect combination of having the sea just outside your window and a natural paradise right at your backdoor.

Discover a paradise for all lifestyles in Alicante! All your needs will be met by our nearby services: there’s a supermarket, hairdresser’s, pharmacy, and there’s even an educational centre – the reputable Lady Elizabeth School. You can spend your days enjoying the endless leisure experiences we have to offer, such as hiking, horse-riding, yoga, and all kinds of sports in the sports facilities. There’s also a large selection of restaurants for an amazing gastronomic experience and bars to get a drink by the sea.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true? Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us by filling out this form! We’ll be happy to give you all the information you need about your future home. Our star developments await you!

Our Agents Come First: Torrevieja Workshop

If you follow our blog and know our philosophy, then you’ve probably already heard us mention our motto: “Our Clients Come First”. This motto is clear, and it’s why we’ve spent more than 56 years not only offering dream homes in an idyllic setting, but also offering the best services and the finest customer service. However, it wouldn’t be right to speak about the company’s success without mentioning one of our most important pillars: our real estate agents.

The role of the real estate agent is fundamental. They’re not only the ones who inform the clients about the features of their home and surroundings but also accompanies them throughout a large part of the purchasing process. Which is why we love working hand in hand with these professionals and we’re offering them a series of benefits with a new motto: “Our Agents Come First”. Some of the benefits worth highlighting are a 100% commission when a client makes their first payment; an online platform to quickly check which homes are available and their prices; a large product portfolio; bonuses according to which homes they’ve sold; a post-contract service which takes over communications with the client once they’ve signed off on the final paperwork for their home; access to advertising/marketing/publishing material; assistance during meetings thanks to the support of a sales representative; exclusivity (we don’t accept meetings from the same client with two different agents); assistance in finding homes for specific clients; and periodic training meetups centred around our services and products.

One of those gatherings took place on the 15th of January at a Workshop at the Doña Monse hotel in Torrevieja. A total of 51 agencies and more than 120 real estate agents from the south of Alicante and the north of Murcia gathered at this event. During the event, we familiarised everyone with the Cumbre del Sol website, our apartments in Montecala GardensNovamar Suites, as well as the latest Blue Infinity models. We also showcased our villas: Lirios DesignLirios Sunrise, and the villas in the Jazmines Residential Area. In addition to this, we also featured our developments in Altea (Blanc Altea Homes and Azure Altea Homes) and Benissa (Racó de Galeno).

Another focal point of the event was “Our Clients Come First”, a programme centred around giving clients and homeowners all the tools and services we have available to ensure their comfort during the purchase of their new home. We also can’t forget about our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, which shows our commitment to social and environmental well-being, two values we like to transmit to all of our agents. Lastly, the event ended with a coffee break where everyone involved could share their opinions.

We at VAPF want to thank everyone who assisted for their labour and for working alongside us towards a shared goal: making our clients’ dreams come true.