What does energy certification A mean? And why is it important in a home?

Buyers’ demand for sustainable homes in 2022 is becoming increasingly evident as the year progresses. At VAPF we know that it is very important for buildings to respect the environment, and to include systems which will maintain this respect in the long term.

As a result, we are working to ensure that our villas and apartments obtain the highest energy certification type A. But do you know what this classification means? We provide you with the details!

The energy certification scale

The Energy Efficiency Certification assigns different types of buildings with a label that indicates information on its Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions. This information is classified on a scale that varies from Class A, which indicates maximum energy efficiency, to Class G which denotes less efficient buildings. You are sure to have seen the coloured label indicating these different efficiency levels.

A building that has energy qualification A means that it is has proper thermal insulation, correct led lighting, the house is well positioned, and efficient materials have been used in its construction. Furthermore, the use of efficient electrical appliances is relevant in these cases.

This certification evaluates different buildings regardless of their actual use. It simulates different conditions of operation which are the same in all cases.  This makes it easier to identify the level of energy efficiency of each building, without taking into account the use that the owners make of it.

Energy efficiency in VAPF homes

At VAPF we have been building villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca for the last 59 years. We are aware of buyers’ new requirements and also of environmental considerations, and that is why energy certification is important to us.

Many of our villas now have the highest certification A.  This is the case with Villa Tempo, in Altea, and Villa Llebeig and Villa Veleta, in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. All these homes fulfil the highest standards in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This makes them a more pleasant and agreeable place to live in.

How about you? Do you consider the energy certification when you’re thinking of buying a home? If you have any queries in this regard, just complete our form, and remember, you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be happy to help!

Trends in the property sector in 2022: a good time to buy

A new year is underway and with it a host of new resolutions for 2022. Going to the gym, eating more healthily, learning a new language…. or what about finding the house of your dreams. There are many people who, after two years of enforced confinement due to coronavirus —either for long periods or in specific situations —want to enjoy more outdoor space where they can relax and chill.

Then there are others who are thinking of buying their first home in Spain and they have decided that 2022 is the ideal year to do it. If you come under one of these categories, we can assure you that the Costa Blanca is the place for you. However, it is important and a good idea to examine expected trends in the property sector for 2022.

The property sector, dependent on COVID-19

The ravages of coronavirus over the last two years continue to influence our lives. The property sector is just one more area affected, as this crisis has impacted every aspect of the economy.

Nevertheless, the DBK Sector Watchdog is optimistic. The fact is that, in the short and midterm, the property market is set to improve its economic situation. Furthermore, the Euribor is currently showing negative values and will continue this downward trend, which is good news for requesting finance when you are buying a property.

In turn, the Asociación Española de Personal Shopper Inmobiliario ( the Spanish Association of Property Personal Shoppers known as AEPSI) estimates that from 2022 to 2025, 550,000 homes will be sold annually.

Other purchaser requirements

Another reason behind the growth in house buying in Spain according to the AEPSI is the increase in remote working from home. This factor has had a considerable influence on property sales in coastal areas such as the Costa Blanca. And the fact is, the sea is a necessary part of daily life! They confirm that autonomous regions such as Andalusia, Catalonia and the Comunidad Valenciana, not to mention our own province of Alicante, are the areas where most people will be buying.

And VAPF’s villas and apartments are the ideal choice for getting away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and seeking a more peaceful atmosphere. They are also great if you want to gain more space, both indoors and outdoors, in your home.

New build homes will account for a considerable portion of sales, as clients are increasingly demanding more in terms of relatively current criteria such as energy efficiency. At VAPF this is something we keep in mind and that is why we are working to ensure that our villas and apartments have a high energy efficiency certification.

As you can see, the trend in 2022 in the property buying sector is on the rise and with buyers requiring high standards. At VAPF we are working to exceed our clients’ expectations. And how about you? Have you thought of buying a property in 2022? You are welcome to contact us if you have any queries which you can do just  by completing our form, and you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 2022 is going to be a great year for property!

Why invest in a new build property in Spain

Saving and knowing where to invest your money are both as important as the other. At VAPF, we’ll be with you when you make this important investment decision. Above and beyond the stock markets, real estate is an interesting option for investing your savings. We recommend that if you are going to invest in the real estate sector, you should do so in new-build housing in Spain. Do you want to know why? Read on!

Benefits of investing in a new build property in Spain

Newly-built properties offer great benefits for investors in both the short and long term.  In this article, we’ll go over some of the reasons why you should invest your savings in new build properties like the villas and apartments of VAPF.

Energy efficient properties

If we take into account current realities such as the ever-increasing price of electricity compounded with the need for more sustainable construction, energy efficiency becomes a decisive aspect when making investment decisions. In this sense, there is no doubt that new homes are characterised by greater energy efficiency.

The ideal here is to go for a property with energy rating A, like in our Villa Llebeig or Villa Tempo. These energy ratings do not only allow you to reduce your energy consumption, or to pay less on bills, but it’s also a way increase the value of your property.

Live in Azure Altea Homes

New build, more profits

The profits you’ll get from your property will also make you turn towards investing in new builds. If in the future you decide to sell of rent out your property, you can gain more money for a new build construction. Generally, there is an upward trend in the property market, which will also mean that your property will gain value as the years go by. We’ll take this time to also tell you that one of our exclusive services for our clients is that is you want to rent out a property you bought from VAPF, we’ll help you with managing it. It’s all pros and no cons: more profit and peace of mind.  

New builds offer more guarantees

If you didn’t know, buying a new build offers you more guarantees when it comes to possible faults. It’s very important to know what the guarantee covers: possible structural defects; damage to construction or installations; and, finally, the guarantee on the finishes on your property. Protection that you can enjoy if you buy a home with VAPF.

Customise your home to your taste

Believe it or not, having freedom in the choice of finishes or materials of your new home will be key in your choice. When buying an off-plan property, you have more options when it comes to deciding on key aspects of the design of your home. At VAPF, for example, we are experts in customising homes and we put our team of experts at our clients’ disposal. So that you and only you have the last say on how you want the home of your dreams to be.

Now that we’ve filled you in on the benefits of investing in a new build property in Spain, it’s time to take the plunge. And even more so at a time when the Euribor is at historically low levels. So, now you know, the time is now! Contact us, we will be happy to accompany you throughout the buying process.


The importance of having building insurance on your new home

Acquiring a new home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Because of that, it’s fundamental that you feel comfortable and reassured through the whole process. Right from buying the home to getting the keys in your hands and afterwards enjoying the property. It’s here, in the last part of the process where the much-needed home insurance comes into play. At VAPF, we offer this comprehensive support. In this article, we want to go over some of the questions you may have about home insurance.

Why is it important to have home insurance?

Having good home insurance is the best way of investing in your peace of mind. Contracting home insurance protects you against fires, thefts, extreme weather events or any other damage that may happen to your new property. Not forgetting the civil liability guarantee against damage that your home may cause to a third party.

Now that you know the advantages of having home insurance, we want to talk to you about different types of insurance. Specifically, about building insurance, key to new build properties like the ones you’ll find at VAPF.

Building insurance – essential for your new home

Building insurance offers you guarantees on your property’s structure. That’s to say, inside and outside walls, roofs, flooring, and any other aspect of the property like doors and windows. Furthermore, it also covers amenities like water, heating, electricity, and security systems. On the other hand, contents insurance covers everything damages within the property, like furniture and other goods.

Both these types of home insurance are essential if you want the experience in your new home to be as peaceful and comfortable as possible. At VAPF, we always try to offer the best service, and the same goes for protecting your home! So much so that clients who decide to purchase their new home with us will be able to enjoy free building insurance for the first year.

Exclusive villa in Costa Blanca

This exclusive service for VAPF clients is an enormous benefit. For contracting any building insurance, we take into account relevant factors such as: the size of the property, whether it is a single-family home like our villas or a multi-family home like our apartments. As well as the location in the heart of the Costa Blanca or the high quality materials we work with.

At VAPF we reward the trust placed in us and in our properties with this and other exclusive advantages. Would you also like to enjoy these benefits? The first step is to fill in the form you will find in our contact area. From that moment on, you will discover the quality of our customer service and we look forward to showing it to you!

IRPF or IRNR: What tax should I pay to rent out my property as a foreigner?

Spain is one of the top destinations for European citizens to invest their capital in real estate. In fact, the Costa Blanca, where VAPF developments are found, is an excellent area to acquire a second home. Moreover, you even want to make profit off of this property and rent it out. Whether it’s for the whole year or during the months when you’re no there. Whatever your situation, in this article, you’ll learn about the tax you must pay in Spain to rent out your property as a non-national in Spain.

In addition, if you finally decide to buy your property with VAPF and want to rent it, you might be interested in finding out about some of the exclusive services we offer to our clients. One of those services being that we manage your apartment for rent for the months you’re not using it. You don’t have to worry about anything! Choosing VAPF means choosing peace of mind.

What tax should foreigners pay in Spain?

Once you are familiar with our rental management service, we would also like to give you advice on rental taxation issues. If you are a foreigner and you decide to rent your property in Spain, it is very likely that you will have questions about the tax you will have to pay. Well, the first thing you should know is whether you are a resident for tax purposes in Spain.

Do you live in Spain for more than 183 days a year? Do you work in Spain? Do your spouse or children live in Spain? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, then you should know that you’re a resident for tax purposes in Spain. Now then, as for your particular situation, what tax should you pay? We’ll answer your questions!

What is IRPF and how does it work?

If, after answering the previous, you’re considered a resident for tax purposes in Spain, IRPF (resident personal income tax) is the tax you must pay. This tax is levied on income generated in Spain, either from your professional activity or, in this case, from renting a property.

What is IRNR and how does it work?

On the other hand, if you are not considered to be a resident for tax purposes in Spain, IRNR (non-resident income tax) is the tax you should pay for renting out a property. To be more specific, EU citizens have to pay 24% on their income. If your country of residence is not part of the EU, this percentage is reduced to 19%.

However, remember that those who are considered non-residents for tax purposes in Spain, even if they do not rent out their property, will also have to pay IRNR. In this case, you will pay a maximum of 2% of the property’s cadastral value.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions about tax and renting out a property in Spain. Once again, if you buy with VAPF, you won’t have to worry about any of this. Our team of experts will advise you on fiscal matters both throughout the purchasing process and the rental one too. You can also follow our blog where we have more information on tax issues in Spain.

VAPF Events Europe: Come and meet us!

Autumn is a time of beginnings and at VAPF we take such things quite seriously. That’s why we are resuming the events that we hold across Europe. We want you to meet us, and most of all we’d like to get to know you. If you were thinking about buying a home in the Costa Blanca, now is the time.

We begin the new season with two events organised by VAPF. Our aim is to approach clients who are interested in our developments directly in their home country. You can make an appointment with us in your own country directly with the developer and learn all about what it’s like to live in one of our villas or apartments, thanks to the VAPF team on hand.

The first event will be held on 30 September in Amsterdam (Netherlands). We have organised this exclusive event so that we can offer every facility to anyone interested in our developments. If you are interested you can make a private appointment with one of our agents to learn all about VAPF and ask them about anything you’d like to know.

However, this is not the only advantage of attending this and the other events organised by VAPF. Any client who makes an appointment will benefit from some special conditions during the house purchase procedure. In this way we hope to ease the buying process, making it as simple as possible.

So, if you are wondering where the event will be held, here’s what you need to know. We will be at Van der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol, and attendance is limited so book before we’re full up! Now is the perfect time to reserve your place through this link, where you’ll find all the information you need about our event.

VAPF’s next event will be in Germany and will be held in the final week of October, from 24th to 30th . In this case there will be three face to face events, in Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. Anyone interested can come along and make a private appointment with one of our agents, as well as making the most of all the facilities that we offer if they decide to buy one of our villas or apartments.

Not only that, but if you are a real estate agent you can also organise a visit with us and that way you can discover all the developments available to offer your clients.

This autumn, we’ll see you in Europe. Looking forward to meeting you !