At VAPF Group we collaborate with SOS Children’s Villages

At VAPF Group, we believe that all children and young people should grow up in a family environment in which they feel protected, and SOS Children’s Villages provides this environment for those who, for different reasons, do not have it.

That’s why, for the second year running, we have collaborated with them. We share their philosophy that all children and young people should have the same opportunities and support their primary mission which is to help to build a better future for those children and young people who find themselves in a vulnerable situation, supporting them as they fully integrate into society.

How do they achieve their mission? Thanks to the donations made by partners, sponsors, donors, and companies – like the one we have made – and to state subsidies. These provide the stability and support that many children and young people need in order to move forward with their lives and have the same opportunities as everyone else.

In 2017, for example, they were able to support 26,633 children and young people and help more than 1,600 families in Spain, and on an international level they came to the aid of over a million victims of war and natural disasters.

SOS Children’s Villages have brought their strategy into line with the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 through the creation of campaigns such as “All children count, but not all children are counted”, as well as developing partnerships with statistical offices in different countries, since the information they collect is key in developing and improving public policies.

At VAPF Group, we are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, which for us is a priority. Within this, child protection is one of our main objectives.

10 health benefits of living by the sea

Science has proved that living by the sea has numerous health benefits. VAPF Group’s properties in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort offer the highest standards of comfort and luxury and are just metres away from the beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca and the Mediterranean Sea.

Here are 10 reasons why living by the sea will make you happier and healthier:

It will relax your body and mind: The human brain reacts positively to what is called “blue space”, which means that we feel more relaxed when we see the sea. Seeing the sea, listening to the waves, and swimming in the water gives our brains a rest and helps us feel more connected with our surroundings. The sound and colour of the waves calms and rejuvenates our body and mind.

Your mood will improve: The iodine in the sea breeze balances our serotonin levels, reducing anxiety and stress. That’s why people who live near the sea show higher levels of happiness.

You will fall asleep more easily: The sea breeze accelerates the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which helps us rest. Water, sunlight, fresh air, and exercise help our bodies get ready to sleep.

Vitamin D will strengthen your body: Vitamin D is vital, and spending time under the Mediterranean sun will give you the dose you need. Vitamin D helps combat depression and strengthens bones, the immune system, and the digestive system. What’s more, the sunlight will give you healthier hair, nails, and skin.

Your lungs will thank you: The salty sea breeze is rich in iodine and sea salts which clean our lungs, reduce the need for antibiotics, help clear our sinuses, and ease our breathing.

Costa Blanca

It’s good for your heart: People who live in towns by the sea have a healthier heartbeat. This is down to the fact that the air pressure is higher and so the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher.

The sea is a natural healer: Sea salt helps to heal wounds. The iodine in salt is a natural bactericide, which means that acne, cuts, or even internal inflammations will heal faster after a swim in the sea.

It will protect your immune system: The iodine in the sea breeze helps the immune system, so living in areas near the sea will protect you against illnesses and infections.

You will feel the benefits of magnesium: Salt water fills the skin with magnesium, an element which is necessary for muscular function, blood clotting, and the metabolism of nutrients. It also helps to normalise the production of thyroid hormones and aids the absorption of phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium.

The beach is the best gym: Doing exercise on the beach has a positive effect on joints and muscles. Practising sports in the peace and tranquillity of the sea helps the brain to concentrate better and makes the activity more worthwhile. Swimming or diving are good for people who have fluid retention problems and heaviness in the legs; underwater sports are good for reducing and getting rid of varicose veins; and floating in the sea redirects blood from the extremities to the abdominal area and the brain, improving circulation and making people more alert and active.

If you want to live a happy and healthy life on the Mediterranean coast, get more information about our luxury properties by filling in our contact form. We will be happy to help!

Interview with interior designer Xavier Pastor: “We build spaces by creating feelings”

Xavier Pastor is a standout example when it comes to interior design in Alicante and has worked all over Spain. He has been collaborating with VAPF on different projects for over 10 years, customising properties and turning spaces into tailor-made homes for each client.

You have been designing spaces since 1994, what inspired you to start the company?


From a young age I had a connection to the building industry as my father had a glassware shop, we used to help him after school, and that brought me closer to the world of interior design.


In 1985, I moved to Valencia to study. I spent my first year studying in Barreira Art Academy to then move on to and finish my studies in the Genaro Lahuerta School of Arts and Crafts.


From 1989 to 1992, I started my first architecture and design company together with three partners, then in 1994 I moved to Dénia and started my own project.


What is designing a space according to Xavier Pastor?


Creating a style and finding what’s essential for conveying something is necessary, but there is something more, which is our real objective: we have to provoke feelings.


I like to visit venues which have a prominent design, and I love seeing projects by our team which still create a reaction 20 years later.


What is the most ambitious project you have taken on?


Because of the amount of work and the time dedicated to it, Suitopía Hotel in Calpe. This was a project we worked on for two years, designing every room in the building.


How did you get to know and start working with Grupo VAPF?

Grupo VAPF is a standout company in the area, and although I had heard of them, we didn’t get the chance to work together until a client and friend recommended us to each other.


How many years have you been working with Grupo VAPF for? Which was the first house you designed for them?


We have been collaborating on different real estate projects, as well as the redesign of their central offices, for over 10 years.


Our first collaboration was on the Magnolias sector in Cumbre del Sol. This was a project to design single-family homes for the end client with many variables, which made it a highly appealing challenge.


You have designed numerous houses for Grupo VAPF (one home in the Jazmines sector, another in Magnolias for Life, and Villa Moraira), as well as their offices, but which is your favourite project?


We have a special bond with all the projects we work on, but Ocean Suites Altea was a project that, as far as I’m concerned, gave us optimum results on both a design and functional level, with a contemporary and distinguished style.


Ocean Suites Altea


What is your inspiration when you design houses for Grupo VAPF – the location, the views, the sea, the surrounding nature, the owners…?


Inspiration is part of the creative process, in which the client’s preferences; the natural surroundings and the sea views; and the materials we work with, play a key role.


We are very proud to personalise projects for Grupo VAPF according to the tastes of each client. In this way, we are able to make sure that the final result is a true custom-made home.


This great variation in our interior design projects can be seen through the homes we have collaborated on and is something which sets us apart as an interior design team.


When you design a house for Grupo VAPF, do you design both the interior and exterior spaces?


We mainly work on interior spaces, although on some projects we also collaborate on developing the outdoor space.


If Grupo VAPF’s clients request a personalised design, can you do it?


Personalising designs is what we do, this is our end goal.


Have your designs changed over the years from the first houses to the most recent? In what way?


Without doubt, time and experience have given us a different approach which helps us to vary our design, this is evolution and it’s essential.


However, what hasn’t changed is the way we work and the way we treat our clients, which for us have been fundamental from the very beginning.


What is your next project with Grupo VAPF?


We are currently working on the new design for Blue Infinity, a project which once again we are reinventing and working on with great enthusiasm.


Grupo VAPF


What do you like most about working with Grupo VAPF?


Grupo VAPF is a very important client for us and together we have developed the design of properties over the last 10 years, managing to create spaces which make us stand out. However, without doubt, what I value most is the friendly manner of the team, something which has made us feel like part of the company.

The advantages of home automation

Would you like to live in a home which makes your life easier, safer, and more comfortable?

The houses made by VAPF Group offer the advantages of home automation, integrating technology into the houses’ intelligent design. An automated system means that daily tasks are made much simpler, letting you enjoy your luxury home on the Costa Blanca while saving both energy and money.

VAPF Group’s luxury houses include the integration of an intelligent home automation system based on the international KNX standard, with first-class products, brands, and manufacturers. This home automation focuses on four different areas: comfort, energy saving, technical and personal safety, and communication.

The home automation in VAPF houses is very easy to use. It can be controlled using mobile phone applications on smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android) and managed both inside and outside the house to offer maximum control at all times. The services are managed using switches, home automation keypads, a touch screen on the wall, a wireless remote control with a screen, any computer connected to the property’s network, or a phone.

One advantage is being able to control thermostats for heating and air conditioning, which enable you to alter the temperature of each room in the house individually. In this way, you can achieve maximum comfort even on the very hottest summer days.

With lighting services, you can make the most of the hours of natural sunlight through a power regulation system in the entrance hall, lounge, dining room, and bedrooms, and the rest of the rooms have an ON/OFF lighting system incorporated into the home automation system.

Security is excellent in these homes, and consists of a central alarm, a control keyboard, presence sensors, flood sensors in the bathrooms and the kitchen, and fire detectors. These are all connected to the central alarm so that you can live with full peace of mind in your new home. And, if you’re expecting a visit, the house has an electronic intercom integrated into the home automation system, meaning that you can forward calls from the intercom to landlines or mobile phones. The range of home automation systems increases every day, offering higher quality products that are even easier to use.

If you want to live in one of our intelligent luxury homes, don’t hesitate to ask for more information by filling in our contact form. We will be happy to help!

The high energy efficiency of VAPF Group homes

At VAPF Group, we believe that the energy efficiency of a home is very important as it offers many benefits both for the inhabitants and for the environment. For this reason, we work to ensure that our current developments are as energy efficient as possible.


If a home has a high energy efficiency, it means that it has good quality air inside and is synonymous with a greater level of comfort. Furthermore, energy efficiency also leads to savings on energy bills. The closer an energy rating is to A, the more efficient it is.


At VAPF Group we know that living in a house with a high energy efficiency rating means moving forward to the future and gaining comfort. That’s why all of our developments have an A or B energy efficiency rating. For example, Blue Infinity, Villa Ibiza, and Lirios Sunrise, our main developments at Cumbre del Sol, all have an energy efficiency rating of A – the maximum rating that can be achieved.

Blue Infinity Apartments


One of the ways in which we make sure that the homes in our developments have a high energy efficiency rating is by using the Altherma system by Daikin, which we include in all of our builds. Thanks to this system, we extract energy from the outside air which we then use to obtain heating, air conditioning, and domestic hot water. In this way, we make sure that between 66 to 80% of the energy used in our houses comes from outdoor air. It is an efficient system. For example, to generate 3 to 5kW of heat, only 1kW of electricity is needed.


If you want to live in a house on the Costa Blanca with all the comfort a luxury home can offer, a high energy efficiency rating, and incredible sea views, don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form for more information!

At Grupo VAPF, we are collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer foundation in their construction of homes for families in need project

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we have initiated an economic collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation through participation in their BUILDING HOMES FOR FAMILIES IN NEED project.

This project will involve the construction of 37 homes in the town of Nagaruru, situated in the Tadipatri area, in the region of B. K.  Samudram, for people in the most disadvantaged communities. These homes will be built with basic hygiene and habitability standards and include a space for a bath and toilet.

These properties will be registered in the name of the woman, therefore empowering her role in society.

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation (Fundación Vicente Ferrer, FVF), created in 1969 by Vicente Ferrer, is a Development NGO committed to the process of transforming one of the poorest and most deprived areas in India, in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and the most vulnerable communities in risk of exclusion, including the Dalits, tribal groups, and disadvantaged castes.

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation and its counterpart in India, the Rural Development Trust and Women Development Trust (RDT/WDT), work together in the different sectors of development – Education, Sanitation, Housing, Women, People with Disabilities, and Ecology – to improve living conditions for these people, and more importantly, develop strong, autonomous communities, with housing one of the first sectors developed. Up to 2016, 67,198 homes had been built, of which 2,743 are adapted to the needs of those with disabilities.

For the families, owning a solid home is, above all, a vital requirement for achieving social integration.

These homes offer effective shelter from the monsoon rains which fall from June to October and the intense heat of the pre-monsoon season, as well as protection against dangerous animals such as snakes and scorpions.

Furthermore, having a toilet has a positive impact on the safety of women and adolescent girls who can therefore avoid distancing themselves from the colony to relieve themselves, which exposes them to danger.