Like the trailer to the film, the single to the album or the poster to the play. A catalogue is like the display window of your favourite shop: in it you see the best outfits, and inside, you discover the entire collection. You can compare them, try them on and even buy them!

A similar procedure is used for the VAPF catalogue. And it’s a brand new one! We’ve launched the new catalogue with all the developments available right now and, let us tell you, it is more complete than a shop window. We detail all the features of our apartments in La Sella and Cumbre del Sol, and the villas in Sierra Altea, Racó de Galeno-Benissa and Cumbre del Sol. From their superb location and commons areas, to the amenities, including customer service. You can request it for free on our website, but are you curious about what you’ll find in it? We’ll tell you about it!

Although the current situation does not allow us to travel as we would like, we think it is important that you know the connections that the apartments and villas on the Costa Blanca have with other Spanish and even European cities. That’s why in our catalogue, we show you different routes, as well as the travel time, to reach the main European capitals.

Given the diverse range of services offered by our apartments and villas on the Costa Blanca, we have developed an iconography with each one of them in our catalogue. This way, when you are browsing through your favourite apartment or villa, you will be able to easily recognise if it includes a fully equipped kitchen, underfloor heating, sauna or games area, among many other services.

One of the best features of the VAPF catalogue are the images. Your imagination will no longer have to work to recreate your ideal home: we capture it perfectly in this catalogue through the apartments and flats on the Spanish Costa Blanca. You might find it difficult to make a decision!

That’s why the catalogue offers all kinds of details about each of the developments, both at a general level and individually for each villa or apartment: price, size of the property, services, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.

This could be the beginning of your new life on the Costa Blanca. You can now request the new VAPF development catalogue free of charge by filling in the form on our website; it’s very easy to get it! Fill in your name, e-mail and contact telephone number and, in the ‘Comments’ box, write “New catalogue”. Your copy will be sent to you by e-mail in the language you have previously filled in the form and we hope you enjoy it! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all our news.