Welcome to Altea, a charming town located on the beautiful Costa Blanca North in Valencia, Spain. Combining beautiful beaches and coves, outstanding views, a vibrant culture with a rich gastronomic offer, Altea is a destination that has it all. And what better way to enjoy all it has to offer than to live in one of the amazing homes built by VAPF in this region? Join us on a tour around everything that makes Altea a unique place in the Mediterranean!

Exploring Altea’s charms

Altea is a destination that attracts visitors with its natural beauty and authentic character. Known for its charming old town, where cobbled streets and whitewashed houses create a picturesque and welcoming atmosphere, getting lost in its narrow streets is an experience not to be missed. Discover the iconic church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo and enjoy its breathtaking panoramic views over the coastline.

For sun and beach lovers, Altea offers a variety of options to enjoy Mediterranean life. From sandy beaches to small coves hidden between cliffs, there is something for everyone. Dive into the crystal clear waters, relax under the sun or enjoy water activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

Nature lovers will find Altea the perfect hiking destination. With routes winding along the coast and across the surrounding mountains, you’ll discover breathtaking landscapes and spectacular views at every step.

Gastronomy & Leisure in Altea

Altea’s gastronomy a fusion of Mediterranean flavours and local traditions. From fresh fish dishes caught in the nearby waters to delicious rice dishes and tapas, every bite is a unique tribute to fresh ingredients and regional cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample the famous “coca de mollitas” or the exquisite “caracoles a la llauna”.

The leisure offer in Altea is equally as impressive. Enjoy local street markets, open-air concerts, music festivals and cultural events that take place throughout the year in Palau Altea. Whether you are looking to relax in a café by the sea or explore the boutiques and art galleries of the old town, you will always find something to do in Altea.

Live in Paradise with VAPF in Altea

Have you fallen in love with Altea and you are looking to settle in this Mediterranean paradise? The homes built by VAPF in Altea offer a unique opportunity to enjoy life on the Costa Blanca in all its splendour. With modern designs, breathtaking views and first-class amenities, these homes are the perfect complement to Altea’s relaxed and sophisticated lifestyle.

Come and discover all Altea has to offer and make this charming town your home on the Mediterranean with VAPF!