At VAPF Group, we believe that the energy efficiency of a home is very important as it offers many benefits both for the inhabitants and for the environment. For this reason, we work to ensure that our current developments are as energy efficient as possible.


If a home has a high energy efficiency, it means that it has good quality air inside and is synonymous with a greater level of comfort. Furthermore, energy efficiency also leads to savings on energy bills. The closer an energy rating is to A, the more efficient it is.


At VAPF Group we know that living in a house with a high energy efficiency rating means moving forward to the future and gaining comfort. That’s why all of our developments have an A or B energy efficiency rating. For example, Blue Infinity, Villa Ibiza, and Lirios Sunrise, our main developments at Cumbre del Sol, all have an energy efficiency rating of A – the maximum rating that can be achieved.

Blue Infinity Apartments


One of the ways in which we make sure that the homes in our developments have a high energy efficiency rating is by using the Altherma system by Daikin, which we include in all of our builds. Thanks to this system, we extract energy from the outside air which we then use to obtain heating, air conditioning, and domestic hot water. In this way, we make sure that between 66 to 80% of the energy used in our houses comes from outdoor air. It is an efficient system. For example, to generate 3 to 5kW of heat, only 1kW of electricity is needed.


If you want to live in a house on the Costa Blanca with all the comfort a luxury home can offer, a high energy efficiency rating, and incredible sea views, don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form for more information!