At VAPF, we have been building luxury villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca since 1963. Our philosophy has always been to prioritise our clients’ needs, long before we even begin the construction process of your dream home. Therefore, we offer a series of services and benefits with our ‘Our Clients Come First’ initiative, ensuring that new residents at Residential Resort Cumbre Del Sol are as satisfied as possible with their new homes.

All our homes are built in an idyllic setting, with breathtaking sea views and natural surroundings. Visit the gorgeous coves and beaches at the foot of your home or make the most of the nearby restaurants, bars, or even the sports facilities! There’s always something to do, and we run a blog so you can stay up-to-date on our events and feel inspired to explore the astonishing area you live in. Also, every possible service is close by, assuring you the most convenient and relaxed day to day.

Of course, the interiors of our homes are as remarkable as their surroundings. Fully equipped, detailed with luxurious amenities and finishes, our modern homes are a dream come true. All our properties are designed to take advantage of the almost 365 days of sunshine, making them more energy efficient, with windows overlooking the Mediterranean and terraces so you can bask in the sea breeze. We offer a wide range of properties in our portfolio, ensuring that all our clients find a home that’s the right fit.

You’ll start benefiting from our services long before you have the key to your new home. From the very beginning, your point of contact at VAPF welcome you with a personalised and multilingual service, so that communication is easy and comfortable throughout. They will be there for you throughout the whole purchasing process, helping you with everything from the design to the paperwork and procedures of your property. We have a specialised department who will advise and help you with any matter related to your new home. We also offer our free Extranet platform, which provides information about the construction process, house plans and legal documents of your new home, as well as FAQs, all in your native language.

We also offer a series of free services to assure your move is stress-free and comfortable. We help you set up direct debit payments for all the utilities, community bills and taxes of your new home. Additionally, we provide customers with free building insurance for the first year, ensuring you a worry-free year. Lastly, as we know many of our clients live abroad, we offer a keyholding service and if you’d like to rent your property while you’re away, we’ll also manage that for you!

If you are interested in taking the first step towards your new life on the Costa Blanca or would like more information, fill out our contact form. Your exclusive and personalised service starts now!