It’s not just the wonderful climate which makes Cumbre del Sol a magical place to live; its proximity to Granadella Natural Park, one of the last almost untouched spaces along the coast, is an undeniable attraction for all those who love the outdoors. From all of our properties in Cumbre del Sol you will be just a 30-minute car journey away from this stunningly beautiful natural space, while you can also visit it both on foot and by bike by going along the PR CV-354 trail.

Granadella Natural Park is the ideal place to spend time outdoors, whether alone or in the company of friends and family. Don’t miss the chance to go for a hike, or perhaps a leisurely stroll – camera in hand – to capture the natural beauty of the area, the incredible landscapes, and the beautiful cove, which shares its name with the park: the cala de La Granadella. You can also explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of the area, which is home to traditional structures such as caves, lime kilns, “teuleries” (constructions which were used to make Arab-style bricks and tiles), and ochre mines.

If you love nature, exploring the huge variety of plant life found in Granadella Natural Park is also a wonderful way to spend a few hours. For example, some of the most interesting and unusual species found in the area include the bee orchid, which is normally less than a centimetre long, and the pyramidal orchid, whose name comes from the arrangement of its petals. The area is also unique in that it is home to a huge variety of endemic species. In addition to the varied plant life, the range of animals and insects found in Granadella Natural Park include a variety of birds of prey, as well as a type of beetle which is only found in this zone: the Amaladera longipennis, which is small, black, and slightly iridescent.

For those who love the outdoors, living in Cumbre del Sol is a dream come true. As well as being able to visit Granadella Natural Park as often as you choose, you can take full advantage of this Mediterranean location when you live at one of our luxury properties. For example, at Villa del Mar, the concept of “living in&out” blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor life with wide open spaces, full of natural light, while the Magnolias Sunset villa strikes the perfect balance of privacy and stunning ocean views for a truly unique home.

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