VAPF Group understands that it has a duty to play an active part in improving the socioeconomic fabric in the communities where it is active and as part of its activity accepts the three basic goals of sustainability: the creation of economic wellbeing, improvements to the environment and social responsibility.

In response to concerns expressed within the company and in order to prove, organise and increase our degree of commitment to society and to our employees and customers, VAPF Group has set itself the goal of expanding its activities in the corporate social responsibility area.

VAPF Group corporate social responsibility program is built on the following strategic areas:

Human resources and employment wellbeing. Promoting among our employees a sense of pride in belonging.
The environment. Reducing the environmental impact of our activities and supporting projects and initiatives for environmental improvement.
Financial backing for NGOs and associations.
Patronage of education, culture and sport.
Working with local and regional organisations on initiatives for social development.
Supplier relations. Extending VAPF Group's ethical and social principles to our suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Furthermore, as member of the Spanish network of the United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Global Compact Foundation, VAPF Group voluntarily abides by and supports the adoption of the 10 basic principles that both bodies promote, based on respect and fulfilment of Human Rights, compliance with labour regulations, protection of the Environment and fighting corruption.

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