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Signing of a collaboration agreement between VAPF and “Espai Vital” physiotherapy clinic.

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Signing of a collaboration agreement between VAPF and “Espai Vital” physiotherapy clinic.

Human Resources and employment wellbeing Fri 17 Nov 2023 11:31:16 CET

Grupo VAPF has signed an agreement with “Espai Vital” physiotherapy clinic so that all its employees may benefit from special discounts on the clinic´s services, improving their Health and Well-being.

The aim of this agreement is to treat the most recurring work injuries and pathologies like back and neck pain, but also any other injury that employees want and need to treat.

The benefits physiotherapy provide for your Health are widely known:

-  It helps to combat the symptoms of some pathologies, reducing the pain and the inflammation of muscular and joint injuries;

-  Many of the exercises used in physiotherapy are aimed at re-educating postural conducts and improving your organism in order to avoid future medical conditions and aches in people at risk due to certain factors, like deformities of the spine.

-  It helps to slow down degenerative conditions and brain injuries, like multiple sclerosis, ALS or Parkinson.

-  It strengthens muscular, bone and joint structures and it eases the range of movement and the suppleness, which helps to prevent new injuries and to recover from any previous injuries.

Ultimately, it increases your well-being and your quality of life.

SDG3 –Good health and Well-being

SDG17 –Partnerships for the goals

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