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New collaboration from Grupo VAPF with Cruz Roja.

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New collaboration from Grupo VAPF with Cruz Roja.

Financial support of NGO's and associations Tue 13 Apr 2021 18:02:44 CEST

The Grupo VAPF, for the second consecutive year, has collaborated financially with the Cruz Roja, on this occasion, for the transformation of an "Ambulance" vehicle into a PAPS vehicle (ALERT POINT AND FIRST AID), by the Cruz Roja Assembly Teulada.

The use as an ambulance of this vehicle expired in June 2018, so the transformation to PAPS, has allowed it to provide service in:

- Emergency Situations, such as fires, floods and multiple accidents,

- Preventive Coverage in acts of any kind (social, culture, sports....) y

- Social intervention projects, that is, home care for the Elderly and/or with Disability, food delivery, deliveries of support products (wheel chairs, walkers...), among others.

This transformation together with the purchase last year of a new medicalized ambulance carriage for Advanced Life Support, where we also collaborated, has allowed us to continue offering in our area of influence, the best care for patients and healthcare professionals.

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