Christmas, as well as being the most magical time of the year, is also when we look back on the past months. It’s a time for taking stock, looking at what we have achieved, and what we didn’t manage to get done, what we have done well and what we would like to change… it’s inevitable. The VAPF team are no different, and we have also reflected on our 2022, and we couldn’t be happier: our goals and wishes of just a year ago have been achieved, and it is all thanks to you. Clients and neighbours, and also our great team who deserve a special mention in our thanks.


Fortunate and grateful

The year is ending and we feel fortunate and grateful that we have been able to continue doing what we love best, that is, acting as ambassadors for Costa Blanca Norte, a special kind of paradise, where you can create a new home, start a new life, make new friends, discover the sea, the mountains, in short, a place to LIVE.

This year we have been fortunate to meet people from all over the world, Spain, Germany, Italy, Rumania, Uruguay, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Norway, Moldavia, Nigeria, Morocco, Portugal, Peru, Latvia, Australia, Vietnam, Kenya, Slovakia, Colombia, Israel, Iran, Haiti, Lithuania, Estonia, Taiwan, Philippines, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Belgium, Canada, China, Chile, France, Austria, Great Britain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Ukraine, Holland, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Iceland, Congo, Luxembourg, Argentina, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Finland, India, United Arab Emirates, Mexico,  Byelorussia, Brazil and the Czech Republic. People for whom we have just one special message: Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to show you the Costa Blanca Norte.


60 years of a dream that endures today

2023 is going to be a very special year because it will be our 60th anniversary. 60 years of a project that we began in 1963, a year in which Pedro Soliveres Cabrera (1933-2016), founded the company with the original name of VAPF (the initials of its four local partners) and which became a benchmark in the field of construction and development of residential properties in the Comunidad Valenciana.

We want to begin 2023 by thanking the over 8400 families who put their faith in us and entrusted us with the construction of their new home.

At VAPF, right from the start and continuing today, we have worked on behalf of and for our clients, something that is clear in our day to day activities, establishing with each and every one of you a commitment to the future, based on honesty and innovation, creating homes, active communities, and helping you realise your dreams.

As a result, we can only thank you all once again for being part of VAPF and let you know that the coming year will bring all kinds of innovations. Projects for villas, apartments, events, webinars… always with the Costa Blanca Norte in our sights, and wherever we go.