Following the pandemic, the group of people known as “digital nomads” has grown exponentially throughout the world. Many countries such as Portugal Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and Spain have employed a number of strategies to attract these remote profiles by implementing different tax benefits or simply by making it easy to move and live in the country of choice as self-employed workers.

Tending to be highly qualified and with salaries that are normally above average, digital nomads can work remotely all the time, and therefore they can live anywhere in the world with just one requirement: a stable internet connection.

In general terms,  and also looking at Spain in particular, coastal areas such as the Costa Blanca, thanks to its climate, services and communications tend to be the most popular locations sought by these professionals.


Alicante province is a favourite

Over the years, Alicante has risen by almost 200 rungs on the global ladder of categories that make up the Nomad List, and in the last two years the city has become one of the preferred destinations for this group. The professionals who come to the Costa Blanca capital are usually from the United States or central and northern European countries. They are usually university educated, mostly men, and with an average age of around 33 to 35 years and they tend to stay for about three months.



The Marina Alta has been making its mark.

This activity isn’t all confined to the city of Alicante, for example, the area of Marina Alta, in Costa Blanca Norte, has also been increasingly gaining importance. In Jávea you can find Sun and Co, a coliving project which is the benchmark in Europe and the first Spanish node in the network of the most significant places for digital nomads throughout the world.  Forbes magazine has placed it as one of the 5 reference locations internationally, hosting talent from over 40 countries.  It was also distinguished as one of the best places for teleworking and living in the “community and user experience” category in the first edition of the Coliving Awards.

Continuing in the Costa Blanca Norte, places such as Cumbre del Sol are also extremely attractive for digital nomads.  Set on the coast, this residential zone has a number of developments with villas and apartments, surrounded by green countryside and overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It is the perfect area with fibre optic connection that makes it possible to work both with flexibility and speed for just a few days, for longer periods or for a whole year.  It is an idyllic spot with several look out points, impressive views and protected natural zones such as the Granadella Nature Reserve (Jávea), with trails for cliff walks, caves, water sports, diving or simply enjoying the great climate.

Furthermore, there are various co-working ventures in the area. We have already mentioned Sun and Co in Jávea, and you can also find Knowhere and Coworkzinq in Denia and LAB in Altea.


Costa Blanca Norte  is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for different profiles  with people seeking to enjoy life and the great climate in a place that boasts superb services and communications. Keep an eye open for our upcoming blog posts, and check out our Facebook and Instagram profiles so that you don’t miss out on any news about VAPF.