Enjoying views of both the sea and the surrounding countryside of the Costa Blanca Norte is one of the main attractions of Villa Índigo. A house with a garden and a private pool, and a layout that comprises three floors with 3 bedrooms, each with access to a terrace. In short, you have the utter luxury of waking, walking out onto the terrace and breathing in fresh pure air and beginning your day looking at the Mediterranean and the garden, which is perfectly adapted to the landscape and the building design, to which is added, to top it all off, an impressive infinity pool. Would you like to hear more?


Optimal and functional distribution

The 425 square metres of Villa Índigo are distributed over three floors. Access to the villa is through the top floor where there is a parking area for vehicles and a lift that connects the floors of the home. On the second floor, the villa’s 3 bedrooms are located (there is also a guest suite with private terrace on the ground floor). All the rooms have access to the terrace and therefore all have fabulous views from the villa. Unquestionably, the mere fact of waking up every morning will become a whole visual and sensory experience as you breathe in the fresh air and gaze out onto the Costa Blanca Norte.


Natural light all year round

VAPF projects are characterised by architecture that looks outwards to make the most of the hours of daylight and the 300 days of sunshine enjoyed on the Costa Blanca Norte. This openness to the outdoors takes shape on the ground floor of the home. This consists of a spacious living area, filled with light and leading to an open plan kitchen and outdoor zone which makes this room the heart of the home and the main living space. The interior layout has prioritised the breadth and functionality of the rooms, incorporating elements such as the kitchen sliding door and the overhanging section of the sitting/dining room which conveys the sensation of being suspended in the air looking out to sea.


salon chalet de lujo


An outdoor area to be enjoyed

Villa Índigo has been designed as the connection of several modules that all look outwards. In this way, the terrace and the bathing area become a central component of the home. The main façade is composed of glass panels, which provide continuity between the indoor area and the outside. The garden, which is adapted to the landscape, and the huge terrace with its infinity pool that merges with the sea, are the most striking elements of the villa.


With its own style, marked contemporary design, unique location and fantastic views of the sea, what else do you need to make Villa Índigo your new home? In our upcoming blog posts and in our Facebook and Instagram profiles, we’ll tell you more about our future projects on the Costa Blanca Norte.