There’s no better feeling than one something is tailor made for you. That is exactly what we try to do at VAPF – design villas custom made according to your preferences and needs. At VAPF, we take care of each detail in your home because you’re at the centre of our projects! This means that we will accompany and advise you in customising your new home. Do you want to start now?

Allow us to introduce you to two spectacular models in our development Residencial Jazmines: Villa Luna and Villa Estrella. These are villas with different designs, but both with a modern, elegant style that you’ll fall in love with. Want to know more? Read on!

Villa Estrella, a home that shines inside and out

Villa Estrella is a property with three floors and three bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms. What’s more, the master bedroom opens out on to a private terrace. So that feeling the warmth on your skin is the first sensation you have when you wake up. But the outdoor experiences of the villa do not end here. The kitchen opens up to the living room and both can be accessed through the main terrace of the villa. We’re sure that this will become your favourite spot once you find the infinity pool.

Villa Estrella

The basement has its own private terrace too! In fact, the lower part of this sophisticated home is designed for you to relax and enjoy. In this space you can put up your own gym or even turn it into a home cinema. The life you’ve always dreamed of awaits you here in Villa Estrella!

Villa Luna, spaces created to live with family

Villa Luna, just like Villa Estrella, is designed so that you can make the most of it both inside and outside its walls. The inside and outside areas blend with one another to create an atmosphere that’s in balance with nature. Villa Luna has four bedrooms, all with access to the terrace. In each room, natural light is the centre piece. This, combined with stone and wood gives it a warm touch that you’ll love in your future home.

Interior Villa Estrella

There is an open kitchen that leads out to the living room and dining area. These spaces have big windows that let you enjoy the fabulous Mediterranean climate. And there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in your infinity pool! And if what you love is to bathe at night, here’s an idyllic plan: relax in the jacuzzi while gazing at the stars.

You love it, no? We haven’t even talked about the location yet! Both these villas are peaceful with great views of the Mediterranean. VAPF chose this amazing place for its natural surroundings, for the sea and the mountains that are only a few minutes away from your new home. Not to mention the great benefits of enjoying all the exclusive services of the Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

Whatever villa you choose, one thing is for certain: relaxing is your new lifestyle. Whether you’re chilling by the pool whilst admiring the beautiful countryside of Costa Blanca or enjoying the peace of mind knowing that VAPF will be there to help you with what you need. If you’re interested in what you’ve read and want to know more, fill out this form and start your new life.