Imagine hearing the waves lapping against the shore, feeling the warm breeze on your skin… and knowing that you have all this on your doorstep, 365 days a year. Without doubt, the many stunning beaches in Cumbre del Sol make this residential resort an irresistible piece of paradise on the Costa Blanca. With coves and beaches nearby offering the clear, turquoise water characteristic of this Mediterranean location, you will be truly spoilt for choice. While all our properties in Cumbre del Sol, such as the Blue Infinity apartments and Lirios Sunrise villas, provide stunning terraces from which to enjoy the panoramic views of the coastline, you will also be perfectly placed for a day spent on the sand.

Of all the beaches in Cumbre del Sol, Cala Moraig is the perfect choice for family time and water sports like snorkelling, kayaking, and scuba diving. Furthermore, as this beach is just a short distance from all of our properties, and is accessible both on foot and by car, it’s an ideal option whether you want a full day on the beach or just a couple of hours relaxing in the best company.

If you prefer exclusivity, other beaches in Cumbre del Sol, such as Cala Llebeig and Cala Testos, are also just a short distance from all of our properties. While these locations are only accessible by boat or along a footpath, which offers them a true sense of privacy, the effort spent reaching them is certainly worth it: the unmatched air of tranquillity on both beaches is something you have to experience for yourself.

Within a distance of less than 20 kilometres/13 miles from our properties, there are two beaches in Cumbre del Sol which seem like something from another world. The first of these, Cala de la Granadella, is a strikingly beautiful beach surrounded by forest, where you can also follow a leisurely route to take in points of interest such as the castle and the Mirador Granadella observation deck. Meanwhile, the crystal-clear water makes this the perfect choice of the beaches in Cumbre del Sol to explore the underwater world.

Cala Ambolo, the second of these beaches, is a truly unique location for rest and relaxation in this area. Take some time out from daily life as you lie back on the white sands and gaze at the stunning views of the horizon, the clear waters, and the Isla del Descubridor located just off the beach.

Whichever of the beaches in Cumbre del Sol suits you, you can rest easy knowing that they are within easy reach of all of our properties here. Furthermore, thanks to the privileged climate of this area, you will be able to enjoy these beaches and coves all year long. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your new life in Cumbre del Sol!

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