VAPF latest innovations for 2022-2023: Dream villas

Although last month we told you all about our latest apartment developments Montecala Gardens and Golf Suites La Sella, this month… there’s even more good news! The end of the year is proving to be really busy and 2023 promises to be even busier. As proof, we have some new villas in store for you at Residencial Jazmines, an area with unique modern villas perfectly adapted to the land and the surrounding countryside, spatially fluid, with natural light and topped off with perfect views at Cumbre del Sol. We’d like to show you some of them!


Villa Karma

Quality, simplicity and integration are the hallmarks defining Villa Karma,  a home built in contemporary architectural style. A serene and welcoming aesthetic that combines natural stone with ceramic coverings, white façades, and the azure blue of the sea.

The home’s top floor has 3 bedrooms. The middle floor is the living area, bright and airy with a kitchen, sitting room/diner which opens out onto the terrace and pool through glass doors. The ground floor includes a wide porch. The layout is designed to enjoy your home with areas that are both private and family oriented, yet also ideal for open and social living.


villa karma


Villa Índigo

Make the most of views of both the sea and inland Costa Blanca Norte: that is one of the best things about Villa Índigo.  A home with a garden and private pool built on three floors with 3 bedrooms, all with access to the terrace. In short, you’ll have the luxury of waking up and going out on the terrace to breathe in pure air and begin the day with views of the Mediterranean, with a garden that adapts perfectly to the plot of land and the shape of the house, and of course, the impressive infinity pool that is the villa’s crowning glory.


novedades vapf


Villa Infinity

Set on a plot of 1,300 square metres you’ll find Villa Infinity. This villa has 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and parking for 4 cars: 2 in the covered porch area and 2 in the closed garage. The main bedroom is one of the most special rooms in this house, with its en suite bathroom and a large dressing room, and the porch means that you can step out and admire the Mediterranean and breathe in the fresh air. The other two rooms share a terrace, and each has an en suite bathroom, and there is an extra room that can be used as a games room or snug, or as an office for working or studying at home.

The most exclusive feature of this VAPF project is on the ground floor, which is designed for family fun with a gym, bathroom and sauna, and a cinema room with a porch where you can simply chill, relaxing in the tranquillity that proximity of the sea brings.



Villa Amanecer

Its name says it all; experience the Mediterranean sun every single day of the year. Thanks to its clean straight lines, at Villa Amanecer you will never be lacking your essential Vitamin D. The home is built on three floors which are communicated by lift, and it has three bedrooms (all with access to a terrace) and it also includes a basement if you need further space. The outside is made for enjoyment with a large infinity pool which merges with the sea on the horizon, and there is plenty of room for enjoying meals in the open air. You will want to spend all day here and the best thing is, with the climate in the Costa Blanca Norte, you can actually do just that.


villa vapf


Innovations at Lirios Design

Not all the innovations are at Residencial Jazmines, however, Lirios Design also has some new projects lined up for 2023. Villa Iseo is the star of this place. A home in which the light airy rooms mark the style. Here the kitchen is open plan and leads to the dining/sitting room  as well as opening out onto the main terrace with its private infinity pool and porch. Not only is it incredibly comfortable and beautiful, the villa is also sustainable, with aerothermal radiant floor heating, a fireplace, photovoltaic system installed, and it is built with specially selected materials that provide quality and warmth to the home.



As you can see, at VAPF we have several villa projects underway. Unique designer homes. Each one has its special features and particular charm, but all of them have one common aim: living, experiencing and enjoying the Mediterranean on the Costa Blanca Norte. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts and discover more projects and developments, as well as our activity on Facebook and Instagram.


Property as a safe haven investment in 2022

Market crashes, raising of interest rates by the European Central Bank, inflation reaching maximum rates in July this year (10.8%) … in short, we are currently living in an era marked by inflation which, as a result, means that we should employ caution and be extremely selective when considering any project or investment.

In this final quarter of 2022, and 2023 looks to be similar as well, property has become firmly established as a safe haven investment. Property investment is a good option for anyone who has savings and it is a tool for combating inflation. And this derives from a principle that is as sound as it is well proven, namely, that money loses value if it remains in the bank, by investing in property money appreciates along with the property. In other words, property is a profitable and safe investment: it offers greater revenue than other more risky financial products. In this post we’ll tell you exactly why property has become established as a safe haven investment.


Increased value

Housing is a basic need that is also elastic, which means that demand is maintained even as prices rise. The Idealista price report is a clear example of this fact, with figures that speak for themselves. According to the report, second hand property in Spain reached an average price in August of 1951 euros per square metre, a 5.26% rise compared to the same month in 2021. If we look at the areas where VAPF is active, the data is even more striking compared to 2021: Altea (2,601€/m2, +15.6%), Benitachell (2,994 €/m2, + 28.7 %), Benissa (2,928 €/m2, + 15.5 %) y Denia (2,276 €/m2, +14.2%).



Rentals: immediate profits

This in another great advantage of investing in property. As the price of housing increases, profits can be made through renting the property. Looking at Idealista’s data once again, in the second quarter of the year, gross profitability of rentals in Spain was 6.36% (an investment is considered to be ideal from 5% upwards). Looking at 2023, the increased cost of mortgages and the effect of inflation on the family economy will mean that some will not be able to buy a home and they will opt to delay their decision to purchase, and rent instead which means that there will be an increased demand for rental property.


Or Long term investment

A property can provide stable income over time. Investing in housing as a safe haven investment is something that is increasingly viable as the geopolitical scenario brings changes that are resulting in negative financial consequences at a global level.  Aside from paying off the investment, they can also provide “stable” income and go on to be sold at a later date. In fact, a recent study carried out by the website Idealista revealed that “15.2% of survey respondents in 022 intend to buy a new property as an investment, a trend that has risen by three points in the last six months”.


Financial markets in free fall

The rise in interest rates that we mentioned at the start, problems with supply chains, the rise in prices of raw materials due to the serious geopolitical problem of the war in Ukraine have all led to falls in stock and bond markets: S&P 500 (-14.9%), IBEX 35 (-7.5%), NASDAQ (-22.4%), DAX (-18.3%) and more besides, make this sector of tangible assets increasingly attractive. It is important to highlight the fact that safe haven investments are not just safe because of those price rises but also because the rental market is always a profitable one.


As you can see, property is a lucrative and safe investment, as it provides greater revenue than other financial products and is beneficial in both mid and long term. At VAPF we have a wide range of villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca Norte, one of the most exclusive and beautiful parts of Spain, where the waters of the Mediterranean and over 300 days of sunshine will be the back drop to your daily life. We suggest you keep an eye on our upcoming blog posts and check out our Facebook and Instagram profiles to keep up with all our news.

VAPF Webinars. Discover your new home without leaving the house.

One phrase that really sums up our business philosophy is “our clients come first”, so much so that we have a special section of our website dedicated precisely to ensure this aim. This has always been our company’s philosophy. We want to accompany you every step of the way and we know it isn’t always possible to get to the Costa Blanca Norte where we have most of our developments. As a result, for some time now we have been seeking solutions, finding a way to make your purchasing experience as positive and comprehensive as possible, at all times. Our now famous webinars will provide you with detailed information on our new developments and villas. You can also request a visit or a personal digital appointment so that you can explore every cm2 of the villa or apartments that you are interested in, and you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa.


A brief recap

Do you recall what a webinar actually is?  Is it the first time that you’ve come across it and you don’t know what we’re talking about? Don’t worry. Webinars are digital meetings presented by our agents, usually about 20-30 minutes long, and they are in different languages so that you can discover all VAPF’s  most exclusive properties on the Costa Blanca Norte: apartments and villas in Altea, La Sella, Benissa Costa and Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.  Not only that, but if for any reason you arent able to view the webinar, it will be uploaded to the  gallery  and you can enjoy watching when it suits.


Upcoming webinars

At VAPF, the end of 2022 has a lot going on (and much more to come in 2023) and there will be considerable activity in our webinar section.  You can enjoy (or watch again, – depending on when you are reading this article! – the following webinars which are coming up soon.

  • Azure Altea Homes 2 (10/11/2022)

Discover these exclusive luxury and custom designed villas just a few kilometres from the centre of Altea. A project made just for you and by you as well: warm and welcoming villas in a contemporary style, filled with light, and with spacious interiors and outdoor areas which you can design to your own taste and style.

  • Villa Índigo (1/12/2022)

A marvel like Villa Índigo deserves a webinar all to itself. On 1 December you can discover all the details of this impressive villa in  Residencial Jazmines, at

Cumbre del Sol. It is set in a plot that is on a height so that you have views of both the sea and the inland countryside of Costa Blanca Norte.


villa indigo


These are the webinars that we have prepared for you in the coming weeks. Also, if you are interested in any of our other developments, you can go to the webinars gallery and view some of those we issued in the past such as:  Montecala Gardens Apartments, Villas Design or La Sella to name just a few.

We also offer a digital visit service. This is a private virtual visit (via Zoom) at a time and date that suits you, and it will be live. One of our advisers will guide you through the homes that interest you and it will be as if you were there yourself.

The Costa Blanca Norte is the ideal place to live the life that you have always wanted, and our webinars and digital visits, as well as the face to face visits, are the ideal way of discovering this. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest news and innovations, don’t miss our upcoming blog articles and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

What’s new at VAPF 2022-2023: Apartments

We have good news for you. There are new apartments available at Montecala Gardens and Golf Suites la Sella.

Following the success of our sales, and the enormous interest in the first apartment blocks we completed, new construction phases are now underway in the two of VAPF’s most successful developments to date. It’s a new opportunity to secure for yourself a modern new build apartment in the most exclusive areas of the Costa Blanca Norte namely, La Sella and Cumbre del Sol.

Hurry now, because blink and you’ll miss this opportunity. If you still don’t know about the Montecala Gardens or Golf Suites La Sella apartments, keep reading and you’ll see why these developments have been so successful.


Montecala Gardens: Contemporary architecture in Cumbre del Sol

Montecala Gardens is our apartment development in Cumbre del Sol, one of the most exclusive areas of the Costa Blanca Norte. Both successful and sought after, some of these new units are now for sale.




With their contemporary architecture, these 2 bedroom apartments are equipped with 2 bathrooms, an open plan kitchen and a dining/sitting room along with an extensive terrace (or garden in the case of ground floor homes). These apartments have been carefully designed right down to the last detail making the most of the available space and the Mediterranean light in order to make your day to day life more comfortable.

One of the big pluses included in this daily comfort is the aerothermal system or the radiant floor that provides air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, as well as providing all your hot water needs. And we haven’t even started to tell you about all the top line domestic appliances with which these apartments are equipped! Take a look at the list of features and specifications of the apartments here.

The communal areas will be the perfect addition to your life in Montecala Gardens. There is plenty of space to relax and enjoy with the family, with pools, terraces, a games area, social club, gardens…. A paradise on the Costa Blanca Norte!

Discover all the information on this new phase of Montecala Gardens, plans, prices and availability here.


Golf Suites La Sella: Life is for enjoying

Just a few metres away from the centre of Denia and in the unique location of Montgó Natural Park, is where you will find Golf Suites La Sella. The third phase of this apartment development is now underway, following the success of its predecessors.



Above all else, living in La Sella is an experience. The experience of being surrounded by nature, sitting on your apartment terrace, and gazing at fabulous views of the sea. Not only that, but right next door is an exceptional golf course where you can have a great time with other residents of the development.

These apartments have 2 or 3 bedrooms, all with access to a terrace so that you can enjoy the light and the Mediterranean, with an open plan kitchen leading to the dining/sitting room which extends out to the porch on the terrace, and in technical terms and layout they are filled with minor details that make them beyond special.

Just like Montecala Gardens, comfort and energy efficiency are two aspects that make this development different. They are equipped with radiant floor heating, hot and cold air conditioning, hot water, top line domestic appliances, technical lighting, alarm, ventilation and remote control systems that will make your life so much easier. Download the list of features and specifications for Golf Suites La Sella here.

As well as pools and gardens, at Golf Suites La Sella you’ll find wellness areas in every block, a golf course designed by José María Olazábal and the Hotel Marriott La Sella with its gym, spa and restaurants of every kind for when you have visitors.

For all the information on this new phase of Golf Suites La Sella, plans, prices and availability click here.

The final months of 2022 and of 2023 are filled with new developments at VAPF. Don’t miss our upcoming blog posts where we tell you all about our new villa developments on the Costa Blanca Norte.

Azure Altea Homes 2: a balcony onto the Mediterranean

The beauty of the landscape makes this one of the most exclusive areas of the Costa Blanca Norte. With views of the Mediterranean sea, Altea and its secluded and outstanding villas, you will find yourself in a home that is a true haven.

With its great climate all year round, that sense of peace and tranquillity that only nature can provide, the Sierra de Altea is one of the areas of the Costa Blanca Norte where time seems to stand still. At VAPF we want to show you our new development Azure Altea Homes 2, luxury exclusive villas tailored to your requirements just a few kilometres from the town centre. Discover all the details of what it is like to live in a villa made to measure just for you and close to the Mediterranean sea!


Dream Villas

Azure Altea Homes 2 is a project with a custom made home created for and by you. Welcoming villas, contemporary style, filled with light and with spacious areas, both indoors and out, that you can adapt to your own style and taste. The interior layout of the villas comprises spacious rooms that communicate with the outside and the terraces by means of large picture windows and sliding glass walls that contrive to blur the edges of where indoors and outdoors meet. The extensive terrace has a private pool and areas for sunbathing, creating your own special corner of the Mediterranean so that you can enjoy the incredible climate and of course fabulous views of the sunrise!

Mountains and sea surround this corner of the Costa Blanca Norte in the Sierra de Altea. Luxury, tranquillity and comfort only a few steps away from the Mediterranean and with plenty of opportunities for leisure and entertainment, culture and cuisine of the Costa Blanca Norte.     And it is just 8 kilometres from Altea, and a few minutes away from towns like Benidorm, Calpe and Benissa. Less than 50 kilometres from the city of Alicante, and 130 km from the important city of Valencia. The ideal location!



See it for yourself at Villa Tempo

We can tell you all about this villa’s lovely views, the ease of its design and layout and its excellent features and fixtures….. however, we would like you to see it in person. What better way than to experience what you have read with your own eyes? Yes, you can visit one of our villas at this location. Villa Tempo, our showhouse available for viewing at Azure Altea Homes 2, is the perfect example of this development.

The main access is on the top floor at street level, a huge picture window that extends vertically down the three floors of the home and welcomes you to the house. From the moment you step inside you will be treated to fabulous sea views and amazing natural light that pervades every corner of the Villa. The clarity of the Mediterranean sky and the sun’s rays flood the entire home with light.

The villa’s middle floor houses the bedrooms, the main bedroom, with private terrace, is also equipped with a large dressing room, and an en suite bathroom, and is isolated in its own wing of the home, providing greater privacy. Here you can spend time gazing at the sea, albeit from the comfort of your own bed or on that terrace. The other two bedrooms in the opposite wing are on the same floor, each with their own bathroom, and they share a further terrace. As a result, from each bedroom you can contemplate the beauty of the countryside that surrounds and envelops you.

The villa’s large terrace is on the same level as the living area. Access through sliding glass doors means that indoors and outdoors can merge to become a single space. The amazing infinity pool has stunning scenic views. The design, efficiency and the fixtures and fittings also apply to the outdoor areas of the villa, with a layout that has been carefully designed to take advantage of the surrounding terrain. The outdoor spaces in these homes are particularly special due to the amazing landscape and the excellent climate on the Mediterranean coast. The location of these villas means that you can view the Benidorm skyline and panoramic vistas of the sea, as well as the mountains of the Costa Blanca Norte.

The villa is fully equipped with top line domestic appliances and the interior design is contemporary yet warm, welcoming and comfortable, so that you can get a feeling of what it would be like to live in one of the villas in the Azure Altea Homes 2 development.

Sometimes finding the home of your dreams is no easy task. At VAPF we want to help you find the perfect house designed to meet your own specific requirements. We invite you to come and experience the exclusive atmosphere of our villas and our Villa Tempo showhouse. You can contact us to organise a visit and explore all the different spaces and the views that this Azure Altea Homes 2 development offers in a fully equipped villa that you can imagine living in yourself.