House Energy Rating

House Energy Rating

The Energy Performance Certificate is a very important feature to consider when buying a new property and we are proud to inform you that Grupo VAPF building energy rating are A and B.

Requesting the energy performance certificate -in force since 2013- is one of the first things to do when buying a home since it reports important information about energy performance of the estate, resources spent and CO2 emissions. Rating go alphabetically from “A” as in electric consumer goods.

Homes with an energy rating A emits 6.8 kg CO2 / m2 per year, compared to another rated G, which generates emissions that can exceed 70.9 kg C02 / m2 per year.

Efficient housing results in a better indoor air quality, less exposure to noise, more comfort, and considering we spent a lot of time in our home, efficiency is undoubtedly very important for our health.

Energetically standard dwellings expend about 60 euros per month in electricity bills, but A rated houses pay about 35 euros and B rated houses spend 40 to 45 euros per month.

From Grupo VAPF we are aware of the importance of environmentally-friendly building and efficient and healthy houses such as Villa Ibiza (under construction at Residencial Lirio), four houses in Lirios Sunrise and Blue Infinity luxury apartment development, all of them “A” rated.

Villas del Sol –currently under construction in Jazmines Residential area- is B rated.

You can check the energy ratings of VAPF houses and apartments in Grupo VAPF website