Living in a place with sea views is one thing and living in Villa Ikaria is quite another. It means that added special light that only the Mediterranean sun can provide. It means that every day you get up knowing that the light that charmed the painter Sorolla will fill your home. Why not come with us and learn more about this fabulous house?

But first, just exactly where is Villa Ikaria ? It is located in a special place with views of the Mediterranean yet it is also close to the mountain sierras. We are talking about somewhere in an extraordinary setting known as Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol in Benitatxell. This place is halfway between the cities of Valencia and Alicante. It lies in the region known as Costa Blanca Norte. This area is renowned for its beautiful green spaces and close by this development there are some important restaurants that boast Michelin stars. It is unquestionably a place for making the most of life’s pleasures, both big and small. And doing so knowing that you are in one of the places with the best climate for lovers of the outdoor life!

So what is Villa Ikaria like? It is built on two floors and designed to make the most of natural light. It is located in one of the areas of Spain that enjoys the most hours of annual sunshine. It has been shown that daily exposure to the sun for a minimum amount of time will increase happiness and wellbeing. Therefore our architects were clear that filling the villa with light would be a key element of its construction.


Entry to the villa is directly through the porch which also has access to the parking area. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms with an en suite in the master bedroom. This bathroom also has a huge window that means even here you can enjoy the sea views as elsewhere in the house.

Villa Ikaria is designed so that the sitting/dining room and the kitchen open out onto a spectacular terrace. With its huge expanse of picture windows you can enjoy the best of a terrace this size at any time of the year. Even those rare days when the sky is cloudy! The outdoor area is also striking with its large infinity pool. It has been designed so that it merges with the horizon, blending with the azure blue of the sea.

The home also boasts an extensive basement area which can be put to all kinds of uses. From adding another bedroom, to making it into a guest apartment, or perhaps a home cinema. Each person can choose what they wish to do with this area of their home!

At VAPF we are clear about how important it is to feel at ease in your own home and this is why we have designed this, and the other villas too, with you in mind. Creating a place that can become your home and where every day you will wake up knowing that you are living in your dream villa.


If you like the idea of creating new memories in the Costa Blanca Norte and having the world as your oyster, then Villa Ikaria is just right for you. It combines beauty and practical living to perfection.

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