La Costa Blanca is classified as enjoying a Mediterranean climate, with warm weather all year round and mild winters.

The Mediterranean coast is the number one tourist destination in the world in terms numbers of holidaymakers each year.  The climate is the big advantage of this natural environment classified as enjoying a Mediterranean Climate.

From a tourist and residential point of view, the Mediterranean climate, also referred to as Warm Climate with Dry Summers, offers added advantages over Humid Tropical and Subtropical climates.

The total amount of rainfall is far less, with more sunny days for enjoying the beaches and outdoor sports. The months with less rain coincide with the summer months. Fine weather is far more prevalent in Mediterranean areas, particularly in La Costa Blanca.

Alicante, in La Costa Blanca, enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The altitude, orography, distance to the sea and orientation are decisive factors in defining this climate, which allows us to enjoy warm weather all year round. The main centres of action are the polar front, which unloads masses of humid air, and the area of high pressure of the Azores, which dominate in summer.

The sea breeze marks a very regular rhythm from May to October. In this period, it has very moderate values, even calming down entirely at night in July and August.

La Costa Blanca enjoys exceptional weather with more than 2,800 hours of sun per year and an average annual temperature of approx. 18º C, making this microclimate perfect for all-year-round living, with winters that feel like spring or summer.

This climate is considered one of the healthiest by the World Health Organisation, WHO, in its reports on healthy towns, cities and communities.

Look at the weather predictions for the towns of La Costa Blanca " Agencia Estatal de Meteorología ".

The following table provides detailed information on the weather in La Costa Blanca: relative humidity, days of rain and hours of sun, broken down by months, as well as the annual averages. Find out what the weather is like each month in La Costa Blanca.



  Relative Humidity as a %   Days of Rain   Hours of Sun
  72.0   5.0   5.9
72.0 4.0 6.8
73.0 6.0 7.2
71.0 6.0 8.7
69.0 6.0 9.9
68.0 3.0 11.1
67.0 1.0 11.7
71.0 2.0 10.7
75.0 5.0 8.4
75.0 7.0 6.8
75.0 6.0 6.0
72.0 6.0 5.7
Annual Average
  72.0   57.0   8.2



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