Fiestas, traditions and leisure activities in Benitachell. Fiestas calendar, rambling routes, sports activities. All the information you need to enjoy Benitachell.

Like the vast majority of Spain's towns and villages, fiestas in Benitachell are an event not to be missed. All the residents come out onto the streets to party and enjoy the events that the fiestas committee organises each year in honour of the town's patron saints.

In May, Benitachell celebrates the 'Fiestas de la Rosa' in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary, a celebration comprising various religious events (church masses and processions) and entertainment (dancing, bull running, fireworks displays, horseback procession, etc.). One of the highlights of the religious events is the blessing and distribution of bread to all residents.

In July, partying is guaranteed in the town with the “Moors and Christians” fiesta, when the town is transformed by parades, pennants, nightly celebrations by local associations, the re-enactment of the conquest and reconquest, various other events linked to this celebration and the all-pervading smell of fireworks.

After the Moors and Christians the partying continues in Benitachell, since July also sees the Fiestas for patron saint St Mary Magdalene and for San Roque, San Cristóbal and San Jaime. Religious services are held each day to honour the saints. It is the most traditional of the town's fiestas. In former times, they signalled a halt to work in the fields and vineyards and a few days' rest for the workers which they made the most of to go out at night and visit their neighbours, recharging their batteries to then return to the hard work of grape harvesting.

Today, thanks to the fiestas committee's efforts over the year to raise the necessary fiesta funds, the fiesta calendar is much fuller with parades, enormous paellas, fireworks displays, 5 days of bull running in the streets at midday, in the afternoon and at night. These fiestas last over a week and the town becomes particularly beautiful, full of music and colour.

There are also possibilities for practising sport, particularly rambling and diving.

The coastline of Benitachell is very dramatic with sheer, high cliffs and coves. There are a number of rambling routes that we can take from cove to cove, enjoying magnificent views and taking in the caves dug into the cliffs over the years by the Benitachell locals for shelter. They fashioned rope platforms that they hung from the cliffs to fish from, called “Pesqueres”. The Barranco de los Tiestos route, the Falla del Morach route, the Moraig Underwater Route, and the Cliff route, are the options Benitachell offers us, with information on all the routes which are well signposted. All of them finish up in coves and beaches with crystalline waters in which to bathe, a reward for the physical effort of completing the rambling route.

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