Enjoying the Mediterranean cuisine is an obligation in La Costa Blanca.  Its infinite number of restaurants offers a complete range of gastronomic styles, from traditional dishes to the latest tendencies in international cuisine.

La Costa Blanca, the ultimate expression of the Mediterranean diet, offers a varied and rich gastronomic choice with denomination of origin products in prestigious restaurants.

The local gastronomy, combined with quality service, the staple Mediterranean diet (fish, vegetables, fruit, cereals and olive oil), cooking traditions and expertise, and a passion for good food, make eating in the restaurants of La Costa Blanca a delightful experience for visitors, for whom an endless number of gastronomy routes are emerging on a daily basis in Alicante.

Rice is the main ingredient of our dishes: paellas, rice stews, 'arros amb fesols i naps', creamy rice dishes, with a crust, etc.  Rice offers dozens of possibilities combined with vegetables, fruit, fish and meat.

Its denomination of origin wines, range from muscatels, 'mistelas', the whites from Marina Alta, the mythical Fondillon to the fruity reds with a fleshy, balanced and very accomplished mid-palate. The wine culture goes hand in hand with the large number of wineries, where one can taste and buy wines and see how they are produced - a perfect complement for our restaurants.

The 'turrones' and ice creams of Jijona and Alicante, the grapes of Vinalopo, the cherries of the Mountain of Alicante, the Sharon fruit of Callosa d'En Sarria.

And we must not forget the fish, which is extremely important in La Costa Blanca.  It is one the basic ingredient of our restaurants' menus. The province of Alicante has one of the largest fishing fleets in Spain, and we can find more than 140 different species of fish and seafood in its fish markets and traditional fish auctions, such as the famous red prawn of Denia.

The best gastronomic offer, combined with a large choice of restaurants specialised in Mediterranean cuisine fused with 'Nou Cousine', traditional Mediterranean cuisine, and the latest tendencies in international cuisine. Luxury restaurants with Michelin stars, among them, El Poblet in Denia under the management of the master chef, Quique Dacosta, which has three Michelin stars. With two Michelin stars there are restaurants like L'Escaleta in Concentaina y BonAmb in Xàbia. Those with one Michelin star include La Finca in Elche, Casa Pepa in Ondara, Audrey's by Rafa Soler in Calpe, Beat in Calpe, El Rodat in Xàbia, Orobianco in Calpe, Tula in Xábia, as well as an infinite number of restaurants recommended in the guide.

In La Costa Blanca, eating in its restaurants, enjoying its wines, desserts and ice creams, is a real pleasure. The Mediterranean Cuisine is La Costa Blanca.

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