Altea starts and ends the year with a fiesta. Each district pays homage to its patron saint and the participation of the inhabitants of Altea and its visitors is massive.

Altea celebrates many fiestas, since fiestas are held in Altea, Altea la Vella and practically all of Altea’s districts.  These include the fiestas of the Moors and Christians, the fiestas of Cristo de la Salud in Altea la Vella, the Santísima Trinidad, San Antonio, San Juan, San Pedro, La Virgen del Carmen , San Jaime and Santa Ana, as well as many others. The long list is rounded off at the end of the year with the fiestas of Santa Bárbara and the Purísima of Altea la Vella.

  • Cristo de la Salud in Altea la Vella is celebrated in January. This is the first fiesta of the year, marked by a variety of organised events, including a procession and a concert of bands held in the town’s cultural centre.

  • La Trinidad is held in the lower part of the old centre of Altea, under the Bellaguarda watchtower, where the participants gather to honour the Santísima Trinidad.

  • San Antonio is held in the month of June.  It is organised by young people and the events include a Rock Festival.

  • San Juan is a peculiar fiesta where the young people of the town, accompanied by the more experienced fiesta organisers, carry a tree along the streets of the town.  On the way, they are given bread and wine by the neighbours.  On reaching the Plaza de la Iglesia, they plant the tree on the square. The gastronomy, an essential feature of any worthy fiesta, is abundant here with a giant paella.

  • Santa Ana (Altea la Vella), is held in June.  The “Font del Garroferet” in Altea la Vella is one of the meeting points for celebrating this fiesta. Among the events, cooking paellas is especially entertaining, together with a water fight, children’s games, processions and music.

  • San Lorenzo is celebrated in the month of August.  The Olla de Altea is the district that hosts this unforgettable fiesta where the bay of Altea is the protagonist. The fiesta includes the "Castillo de la Olla", a large firework and music display which is part of the national firework display calendar. A show that attracts thousands of people every year who watch the fireworks that seem to emerge from the sea. Miguel Zamorano Caballer is the person responsible for launching more than two thousand kilos of fireworks, offering a different and surprising display every year.

  • San Isidro, the patron saint of farmers, includes a mass in honour of this saint, held in the district of Los Arcos, as well as a supper to which all the neighbours are invited.  This is one of the most traditional fiestas.

  • Santísimo Cristo del Sagrario is the patron saint of Altea, whose fiesta is held in September.  This is Altea’s big fiesta. The Moors and Christians are the protagonists, and the most significant events include the entry of the Moors and Christians, the embassies, the presentation of costumes, the coronation of the queen, the offering of flowers in honour of the Virgen del Consuelo and the procession along the streets of Altea del Santísimo.

Altea’s list of fiestas goes on to include the Purísima, Santa Barbara, San Luis, the end of the year, etc. In addition to the fiestas, Altea holds a wide variety of cultural events, such as concerts and performances in the Palau de Altea, continuous exhibitions in the art galleries, sports events, music concerts, etc.

In Altea, you will find culture around every corner, which explains why it is the “Cultural Capital of the Autonomous Community of Valencia.”

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