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Grupo VAPF and Lady Elizabeth School, Partners in Action for the Climate

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Grupo VAPF and Lady Elizabeth School, Partners in Action for the Climate

The environment. Tue 13 Apr 2021 11:11:10 CEST

Grupo VAPF has handed out, completely free,500 Stainless Steel flasks to the students at Lady Elizabeth Senior School, so that they can take them to school and refill them from the spring water machines or from the fountains that the school puts at their disposal. This way we are cutting down on single use plastics.

If we keep in mind, that each student uses an average of 60 plastic bottles a year, by handing out 500 flasks 30.000 plastic bottles less will be used per year.

Apart from the obvious ecological benefits that reducing the use of single use plastics will cause, changing to stainless steel flasks also means added benefits for our health, because:

- Stainless steel is the safest material as it is free of chemical elements that could contaminate the drinks, such as bisphenol A or BPA.

- It is the most hygienic of the materials. It is the material that shows less dirt and external agents adhering to it, therefore it doesn´t change the smell or the taste of water. (the liquids)

-  It needs minimal maintenance

-  Even though it is very light, the structure is strong and it doesn´t dent or split if it is dropped or knocked.

And finally, an advantage of this material over plastic wáter bottles, is that stainless steel will remain unchanged, unaltered. It doesn´t lose its qualities, like resilience, rigidity or malleability, and can be recycled as many times as you wish.

Plastic has taken over in our lives and it is everyone’s responsibility to change our daily habits, to find alternatives.

SDG13 – Climate action

SDG3 –Good health and well-being

SDG12 –Responsible consumption and production

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