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Attainment of the Maximum Energy Rating as an internal performance Standard.

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Attainment of the Maximum Energy Rating as an internal performance Standard.

The environment. Wed 14 Apr 2021 09:19:09 CEST

At VAPF Group, as an internal standard, we do not carry out projects whose energy rating is under B, trying, as long as the architectonic design allows for it, to reach an energy rating of A. Our last project, which consists of 27 luxury apartments, BLUE INFINITY Block B, has the maximum A energy rating.
In order to obtain the maximum energy rating, we use highly efficient technologies that improve the quality of the edification and promote innovation and sustainability, such as:

- The use of the Altherma system, which allows us to obtain Heating, Air Conditioning and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) by extracting the energy from outside air. This novel system only requires 1kW of electricity to produce from 3 to 5kW of heat. In other words, between 66 and 80% of the heat produced by the Altherma system comes from outside air and is, therefore, free.
- The installation of a heat recovery ventilation system in our houses which, in winter, works by heating the cold air that enters from outside and, in summer, chills the hot air from outside, which results in a considerable reduction in energy consumption along with a healthier atmosphere inside the house.
- The use of low emission windows, developed to reduce heat or cold losses from inside and with solar control that reduces the entrance of heat when the sunlight falls on them.
- The application of thermal bridge break carpentry to obtain high percentages of insulation that allow for greater energy savings and, therefore, less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
-The use of insulation levels in construction that are superior to those required by the standards and regulations, with the aim of increasing the barrier against outside heat losses and gains.

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