Financial support of NGO's and associations.
Financial support and aid to disadvantaged groups and support for refugees by means of transfer of own dwellings.

Grupo VAPF collaborates withAldeas Infantiles SOS.

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Grupo VAPF collaborates withAldeas Infantiles SOS.

Financial support of NGO's and associations Tue 23 May 2023 12:19:54 CEST

Grupo VAPF has made an economic donation to the NGO Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Princess of Asturias Concord Award 2016, whose principal Mission is to care for children and young people who are in vulnerable situations, promoting their development and autonomy, by means of fostering in protective family environments and strengthening their family, social and community networks, enabling them to become self-sufficient and well integrated in society, with the same opportunities, rights and obligations as the rest of children and young people.
Aldeas Infantiles SOS (SOS Children’s Villages) is an Organization with over 60 years of history, the first village was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Austria in 1949, and it is present in over 134 countries, having cared for 24,571 children and young people in 2016.  
There are currently 8 Villages in Spain and 546 worldwide, directed by SOS Kinderdorf International (SOS Children’s Villages International).
A Village is composed of 6 - 10 homes that offer a family protective environment for children and young people who, for different reasons, cannot live with their parents. Five to six children of different ages, principally groups of brothers and sisters, live in a family home with an educator in charge of them, the SOS mother, and support educators; with the aid of a technical team, generally composed of a Social Worker, a Psychologist and a Teacher.
In addition to the villages, Aldeas Infantiles SOS has other social programmes such as Day-care centres, Advice programmes for young people, Special employment workshops, Training centres, Reception centres, Job and social insertion programmes, Nurseries, Health programmes, etc.

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