Normally, nature adapts to our lives, forgetting our circadian rhythms and waking up when the alarm sounds, and our workday starts. For people who live in the city, the park is the only place to keep in touch with nature. But in Racó de Galeno, it’s the other way around. Life adapts to nature allowing you to live harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

The Racó de Galeno villas, Villa Lena and Villa Neva, let you experience the outdoors and enjoy comfort at home. The large windows will be your biggest inspiration. In both Villa Neva and Villa Lena, you’ll have spectacular views of the Peñón de Ifach and the Mediterranean sea. All of this, you can have whilst relaxing in the living room or preparing a delicious dish in the open kitchen. The greenery and open atmosphere surrounding these villas will let you live at a slower, more natural pace.

Outside area villa Racó de Galeno

The two villas with sea views are found in the Residential complex Racó de Galeno from VAPF. They blend in with the landscape with their stone and wood design. The location was not chosen randomly. Apart from being surrounded by nature, the villas are well-connected to the town of Calpe and Benissa, both a stone’s throw away. Due to this, you’ll be able to enjoy everything this part of Costa Blanca has to offer.

The Sea

Imagine waking up every day with the Mediterranean sunlight filtering into your bedroom. But the best part comes next – spending the day on the beaches and coves in the region. Playa de la Fustera, Cala Baladrar or Cala de la Llobella are all great options for beach activities. Want to visit the more tucked away coves and beaches? Go along the Paseo Ecológico de Benissa (Ecological Footpath of Benissa). This 3 km coastal walk connects beautiful coves along the cost and has spaces where you can enjoy a chill picnic. Take your time to enjoy each cove and discover which is your favourite.

The Mountain

Apart from the fantastic coves in Benissa, there’s also the Sierra Bernia natural park with its hiking routes. Leave all your worries behind and put on a pair of mountain boots. There’s nothing that a day in the mountain can’t solve, so disconnect and reconnect with nature in this wild landscape. We recommend doing the Forat de Bernia Route. Make sure to go all the way to the top so you can get unforgettable views of the countryside of Alicante. From the top, perhaps you’ll be able to spot your new house in Benissa.

And if there’s something you absolutely must do, it’s the Peñón de Ifach, the great big rock you’ve been seeing from the terrace in Villa Neva and Villa Lena. Climbing to the top will make your heart pound, and not just from the exercise! Seeing Costa Blanca from this height will make you fall in love.

The town of Benissa

The sea, the sun and the mountain, what else could this idyllic place have? A rich culture full of life! The centre of the medieval town has preserved its square, narrow streets and its churches. The black iron balconies and heraldic coats of arms that decorate buildings match the Catedral de la Marina in Benissa. It’s a special place that is worth visiting and is very close to the villas of Racó de Galeno.

Ready to reintroduce nature into your life? In Villa Lena and Villa Neva, we bring the natural surroundings into your home. If you want more information on these villas, don’t hesitate to contact us through this form. And don’t forget to closely follow the VAPF blog!