We’re sure that at some point, you will have had the opportunity to dine out on a terrace by the sea. Or perhaps with views of the sea. And, if not, we’re sure that someone will have told you about it. So, can you imagine being able to repeat the experience every day? And to share it with your loved ones? If you decide to live in Cumbre del Sol, you’ll be able to dine al fresco whenever you want, accompanied by the Mediterranean’s greatest treasure: the Costa Blanca sun.

The region of Spain in which Cumbre del Sol is situated enjoys sunny days almost all year long. So, there’s no need to wait until summer – any day is perfect to enjoy clear blue skies!

Another “tradition” of the Mediterranean lifestyle is to surround yourself with your loved ones at meal times… and for the time to fly by. Hours become minutes when you spend time with friends and family enjoying wonderful food. In the same way, a calm and relaxed meal is more beneficial than a rushed one. Eating more slowly helps us to better digest our food.

In addition, the sea views will make you feel better. It has been shown that thanks to breathing in the fresh air, eating outside reduces stress and helps us to shut off from work. The panoramic views of the sea from Cumbre del Sol will contribute to increasing your feeling of relaxation.

But the sea views from Cumbre del Sol aren’t reserved just for lunch and dinner, they can be enjoyed at any time of day. How about getting your day started with breakfast against the backdrop of an incredible sunrise? It will be a view which, when accompanied by the early morning sea breeze, will forever remain in your memory.

Cumbre del Sol’s terraces with sea views are undoubtedly another incentive to enjoy meals outside. Would you like more information about our exclusive developments? Fill in the following form, and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you to provide more details.