Choosing materials for constructing quality housing is a task that takes hours. And also takes a lot of testing. In addition, as concern for the environment is also part of VAPF’s philosophy, we pay special attention to the green areas of the superior quality villas we design. Precisely for this reason, we feel that this article is necessary. So that you know how and why we choose certain materials to achieve quality and more sustainable homes. We will focus on our developments Jazmines, Azure Altea Homes 2 and Racó de Galeno.

The importance of a good foundation

Our villas are built on reinforced concrete pillars and beams with concrete joist floors and vaulted beams. In this way, nothing and no one will be an obstacle in the path to you enjoying your new home. Above all, because the inside of the house is efficient when it comes to its heating and its acoustics.

First impressions…

… matter. We’re aware of how important the image a luxury home must convey to the outside world. The quality that it boasts must be felt from the very first impression. The modern architecture of clean lines in our villas takes shape in the façade cladding with water-repellent cement mortar, which is finished with a coat of paint. As for the villa’s exterior, the metal coplanar hinged entrance gate with a smooth panel and integrated handle welcomes you to the house. A unique shape that invites you to enter and enjoy a high quality villa.

Even so, it’s what’s on the inside…

that counts. After all, it’s where you will make your life and so it’s where you should feel best. Our villas’ interior makes the difference. You can choose the interior distribution partition walls in ceramic brick and/or a two-sided laminated plasterboard system. We pay special attention to the cladding of interior walls in the home, opting for projected plaster with a smooth finish and a final decorative coat of plastic paint, combined with wood panelling or vinyl wall cladding.

The carpentry inside the house is sure to meet your expectations. Solid board doors, with lacquered or veneered wood finish.  Ideal for wardrobes, for storing luggage or other objects that you do not use on a daily basis. In short, we offer space in the form of large wardrobes with interior modules. And which, in turn, are equipped with drawers, dividing shelves, and clothes rail.

In addition, the floor’s thermal insulation in the house provides extra comfort when there’s a drop in temperature, by placing approved insulation boards in the floor slabs.

.elección de materiales interior para una vivienda de calidad


Fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms

Depending on your project, you can choose to change around some details in these rooms, but the bathrooms of our top quality villas are delivered fully equipped. They include wall-mounted toilet, bidet, bathtub and/or extra-shallow shower tray and taps. As well as a tempered glass shower screen, worktop with wall unit, and illuminated mirror.

Not only do the bathrooms come fully equipped, but the kitchen in your future villa is also equipped. With furniture, Silestone worktop, sink, taps, and top brand appliances. From the fridge to the hob, oven, microwave, extractor fan, dishwasher, and washing machine, all of which are Miele (or similar).

carpintería calidad superior cocina


And to top it all off: The garden with pool

What would be the point of living in Costa Blanca North if you can’t enjoy it directly in your own home? In VAPF villas, sea views and natural light are the main focus. Not forgetting the outdoor areas and gardens, as important as they are necessary to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean climate. The swimming pool is where you’ll spend most of your time in spring and summer, which includes an outdoor shower. The garden, with dry stone walls on the borders around the plot, and the possibility of having a barbecue bench complete the leisure area to share with your family and friends.

piscina villa costa blanca norte

You can choose our villas in Azure Altea Homes 2, Residencial Jazmines and Racó Galeno. You can choose to live in the most exclusive areas of the Costa Blanca North. And you can also choose to live in a high quality villa with high quality materials and some of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean. Don’t forget to follow our activity on Facebook and Instagram and our next blog posts.