Alicante province is one of the favourite destinations of European citizens. Its beaches, the Mediterranean climate, and its varied cuisine make it the perfect place to spend a summer holiday or to buy a second home for your vacations or retirement. There are many reasons why Alicante province, and the Costa Blanca in particular, is a haven where you can invest or start a new life. Its excellent connections with the rest of Europe are just one of those reasons.

VAPF developments include homes in several municipal districts on the Costa Blanca: Benissa, Denia, Altea and Moraira, among others. The company also has homes in Poble Nou de Benitatxell, at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, the perfect place to start a new life in Alicante province, just a step away from Europe.  And here’s why!

VAPF means easy plane travel to the rest of Europe

Cumbre del Sol is little more than an hour by car from Alicante and Valencia airports. As a result, you have direct flights to and from cities in the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Russia. To be precise, it’s a two and a half hour trip to London or Brussels, and little more than five hours to Moscow, and in two hours you could find yourself in Paris.

So if you are thinking of buying a second home in Spain, VAPF’s apartments and villas in the heart of the Costa Blanca are a great opportunity. You are not far away from sunshine 365 days a year.

VAPF and travelling by car from Europe.

Llegar en coche a Cumbre del Sol

However, it may well be that with COVID-19 you’d rather travel to Alicante by road. While it’s true that it will take longer to reach your second home on the Costa Blanca, you will nevertheless gain in terms of peace and tranquillity instead of having to face the strict requirements of air travel. This is one advantage of buying a property in Alicante province rather than other Spanish locations, such as the Balearics or the Canaries.

In your own vehicle you can make the trip from Paris to Cumbre del Sol for example, in about fifteen hours, or eighteen hours from Brussels. But bear in mind that you will need to make the appropriate stops to rest if you’re going to drive for long periods, or make sure you share the driving. Patience, resting and some good conversation or music to make the trip more enjoyable are important as well.

VAPF and its connection with the rest of Spain

If the Costa Blanca is well connected with Europe, it’s no less than fantastic in terms of links with the main Spanish cities. In a little less than two hours you can travel from Alicante to Madrid in the AVE high speed train. That is also the time it takes to travel from Alicante to Valencia, where you can discover all the charms of the Valencia region. And we mustn’t forget the connection with Barcelona! You can be in the Catalan capital in little more than four hours.

Of course you can also make all these journeys by car. And not only that, but with the recent removal of tolls from the AP-7 motorway, you can travel to Barcelona from Alicante without paying a penny.

By buying your second home with VAPF, you will be able to connect with Europe and the rest of Spain in a speedy and simple manner. Whatever your favourite form of transport, the most important thing is that you can be sure your investment will mean peace and tranquillity.  And with VAPF you can be assured of that! Come and meet us and we’ll give you all the details of  our developments..