Nowadays, technology plays a major role in almost all the scenarios of our daily lives. In fact it is extremely useful in the home and increasingly, domestic appliances and systems are monitored for you. This gives you more free time and eliminates the risk of unforeseen events.

This is why in all our villas and apartments we offer an additional smart home automation service. Our aim is to make life as comfortable and easy as possible. Depending on the details, it will make your life easier and take the pressure off where some domestic tasks are concerned.

But what exactly is a smart home? If you haven’t heard of it, or you don’t know much about it, we can fill in the details for you. It is a set of automated systems for a house or a building. It deals with services such as energy management, security, wellbeing and communication. You can also control these systems from your home or remotely when you are elsewhere.

So there are clear advantages: more time, less worry and security in the knowledge that you can control every aspect of your home wherever you are. In our villas and apartments on the Costa Blanca Norte we offer various options for automating your home. We have something for everyone, from the simplest system to more complex versions.

We offer the most advanced systems in our exclusive villas. They have KNX smart home cable systems installed, which reduce interference and which are ideal for very spacious houses. The automation is so advanced that it controls every aspect of your home remotely. As a result, in the event of any incident or problem you would not have to go home to sort out the problem. For example, if there was leak in the plumbing, you could remotely cut off the water supply. Or if you left home and realised that you had left all the lights on, you could simply turn them off remotely.

Automated home systems cover a wide range of functions. One of the more basic services controls lighting, or the blinds and shutters. However, our additional service for the supply, integration and implementation of an automated smart home system goes much further. Raising blinds or controlling the home air conditioning and heating is a basic service that VAPF offers in all its villas. From there we also offer a completely personalised service in our Custom Villas. This includes security alarms, video surveillance, door access and stop cocks and shut off valves to supplies.

We want to ensure your total comfort and this is why we are all about innovation in our villas and apartments. So when you decide to buy one of our homes in Costa Blanca Norte, we will tell you all about our smart home service. In this way you can concentrate on the stuff that is really important to you. If you have any queries or questions, please contact us by filling in this form.