Cumbre del Sol is an idyllic place to live for many reasons, and high-quality gastronomy is definitely one of them. Less than 30 minutes away from Cumbre del Sol are five Michelin-starred restaurants that are sure to delight:

 Quique Dacosta (three stars) is located in Denia and tops our list of Michelin-starred restaurants. The chef, of the same name, has been recognised as one of the ten best chefs in the world, and one of the top three in Spain. He has consolidated a contemporary style of Valencian cuisine, with a culinary proposal based on local seafood, clearly inspired by local scenery and art. “We are contemporary Mediterranean style, we are free, we create new codes”, says the chef.

The restaurant proposes two exquisite tasting menus: Universo Local, and La Evolución y el Origen, characterised by innovation, elegance, and minimalism. This cuisine is both creative and surprising: a whirlwind of flavours, textures, and emotions.

BonAmb Restaurant (two stars) in Javea, is next on our list of Michelin-starred restaurants. This establishment’s rapid growth was consolidated in 2016 when it was awarded its second star after opening just 5 years earlier. Chef Alberto Ferruz’s objective is to invite diners to enjoy an experience in which food, drink, and an incredible atmosphere take centre stage in a magical union of aromas, flavours, and colours. The Mediterranean Sea, orchards, citrus fruits, and vineyards have influenced this cuisine, which is rooted in local traditions but features innovations from across borders.

The restaurant offers three tasting menus: Sal, Sol, and Tiempo, and all its fruits and vegetables are ecologically grown and provided in a sustainable way. What’s more, handcrafted elements from Javea and the surrounding areas are integrated into its design.

Casa Pepa (one star) opened in 1986 in Ondara and has been on the list of Michelin-starred restaurants since the year 2000. Chef Pepa Romans has managed to turn an old family country home into one of the most prestigious restaurants on the Costa Blanca, and one of the finest examples of traditional cuisine in the Marina Alta area. Her cooking conveys emotion, vitality, and harmony, with a large dose of family tradition, hard work, and love for cooking.

The restaurant offers two tasting menus: Bocados de Estación and De Gusto, made with fresh seasonal products. These are served in a beautiful, 140-year-old country house surrounded by orange trees, olive trees, and vegetable gardens, which creates an exclusive, tranquil setting.

In 2017, two more venues joined the list of Michelin-starred restaurants in the area: El Rodat, in Javea; and Audrey’s Restaurant, in Calpe.

El Rodat (one star) offers one of the most highly rated cuisines in the Valencian Community, located in an oasis of tranquillity, surrounded by gardens and a four-star hotel with spa. Thanks to the perfect combination of tradition and future, its culinary proposal is a feast for the senses.

Chef Nazario Cano is an example of Valencian cuisine taken to the extreme. He is constantly seeking new formulas and offers one of the area’s most innovative culinary proposals: “In El Rodat we don’t sleep, we dream”. There are four surprising tasting menus on offer: La Cala, La Bahía, El Litoral, and Mar Abierto.

At Audrey’s restaurant (one star), the cooking stands out for its uniqueness, tradition, and strong citrus flavours that are full of personality. Chef Rafa Soler has created a culinary proposal to surprise the palate using high-quality ingredients and select products. This chef’s profound love for the local area has led him to experiment with local produce and achieve an original fusion of Mediterranean tradition and global culinary concepts, always with a cosmopolitan touch.

The restaurant offers three tasting menus: Buena Sombra, Querol, and Benitet, and defines its cuisine through the concepts of: elegance, simplicity, quality, and good taste.

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